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* July 2014 Newsletter - Team Lawton Gen 0 Team Members *

Lazy Days of Summer!

Hello Ladies!

First of all I'm sorry I'm so late with this newsletter - stats are from the month of June 2014! As you can see I have a new format I'm trying out and think I'll use going forward as I can include more info.

I hope you're all enjoying the summer and taking some time to slow down a bit with family and friends! Being in different circles and out and about more, make sure you're using your favourite Thirty-One products wherever you go and carry a few catalogues and minis with you at all times. The new contacts you make during the summer months may become your customers, hostesses, and team members in the Fall. You can work your business in a different way over the summer and still gain momentum for the Fall 2014 season which promises to be very exciting!

For those of you who attended Conference 2014 in Niagara Falls, I hope you had a great time and got some ideas for your businesses! If you weren't able to make it this year, plan to join us next year in OHIO! I'm sure we'll hear more details soon but it will be a great opportunity for all of us to be included with the American Consultants and to learn from them. They have great speakers there that I'm looking forward to hearing. I have some info from Conference that I'll be sharing in our Team Facebook group so if you aren't in the group please feel free to join it at

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email to



Wendy Lawton

Independent Senior Director

Thirty-One Gifts


Our Stats as of June 30, 2014 ...

My Generation 0 Stats

Sales: $11,534

New Recruits: 4

Members: 21

Parties: 25

My Entire Downline Stats

Sales: $40,528

New Recruits: 19

Members: 81

Parties: 82

Personal Volume

$1000 +

Melissa Bly $1814

Yvonne McLaughlin $1599

$500 +

Jennifer Pigeon $696

Corry White $671

Amy Cullen $569

Rebecca Bernier $559

Wendy Page $541



Rebecca Bernier - 1

Aileen Nixon - 1


Featured Consultants

Tops in Sales - Melissa Bly, Director

Hostess Coaching is so important! Become a "partner" with your Hostess and keep in contact with her leading up to her party to help her get good turn out and lots of interest in the products before the party even starts. Following up with past customers also leads to repeat orders.

Tops in Sales - Yvonne McLaughlin, Consultant

Having a fundraiser was a good idea and I got a bunch of outside orders for that party. It also really helped that the hostesses already had some of the products and were excited to show them off! Of course, I can't forget to mention that it helps to have really supportive family members who want to host parties:-)

Dreambuilder - Rebecca Bernier, Consultant

I think the most important thing when approaching a potential recruit is about creating a genuine relationship. Being part of a team is all about relationships, and I know that if I want to build my team it is valuable to connect on a personal level with someone who shows interest in the opportunity. I like to share My Why with her, because it shows how I surprised myself by taking a leap with Thirty-One! I also like to learn more about her, and help her determine Her Why. Hopefully I can help her discover what Thirty-One can offer, and help her Why become a Why Not!


I tell people how much I loved the products before I became a consultant, and that I'm very picky about quality. When I was able to wash my totes with the wire frame and any other tote I had in the washing machine and they came out like brand new I was hooked!


Wendy Lawton, Senior Director

Feel free to contact me by email with any questions or concerns, if you'd like extra support with your business, or to schedule a date and time to chat on the phone!

Can you beat your Director?


Personal Volume: $4062

New Team Members: 2

Parties: 5

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