I CAN be an entrepreneur ...

Jassmine Garcia

Entrepreneurship Student

Grade - Freshman

As a young student who is interested in entrepreneurship I think knowing some of my skills would be helpful. Here are some that I feel are important when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. I can communicate and get along with others quickly. I speak two languages, English and Spanish. I am always looking forward for challenges to become better.

Entrepreneurship is appealing to me because ...


  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom


  • Responsibility
  • No Guarantees of success
  • Time

I have MANY of the skills and characteristics that are essential to entrepreneurs such as…

I think I have some of the five essential factors discussed in class because when I took the entrepreneur self-assessment I noticed some characteristics that really stood out and connected. Some of which stood out were ...

  • Power/control appeal
  • Need for challenges/ambition
  • Self-sufficiency/freedom
  • Creativity/imagination
  • Perception to act upon one's destiny

I can have a successful business that…

The type of business I'm interested in owning if I were an entrepreneur would be to have my own sports company or department. The reason why I'm interested in this business is because personally I love sports and feel that as generations grow, more people will be involved in them.