The Pursuit of Happiness

(With an "i")

The Working People of the World

The U.S. has the happiest workforce, with 30% of people being happy with their jobs, and one of the most productive. The other two happiest nations, Columbia and Brazil, have a happpy workforce but are not very productive. France, Germany, and the Netherlands, while having the shortest work days and the highest productivity, have the lowest percentage of happy workers. The U.S. seems to have the best of both worlds.
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Managing Your Career

Based on this information it is important for us, when thinking about what job and career we'd like to go into, to keep in mind that just liking our job won't make us productive. And if you are more concerned about the pay or hours you'd have to work, remember that having a shorter work day or a higher pay won't make you happy. Think about these things when deciding on your future career, you will have to work at that job everyday.
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Are YOU happy?

-The Conference Board of Forbes