Southwest Valley Volleyball(:

Alaina Currin

Volleyball starts right away during the school year!

Volleyball is a fun way to be active & forget about your school day. Practice is almost always fun as long as you don't make the coaches mad & listen to instructions. Mr. O & Mrs. Wetzel are the 2 JH volleyball coaches. They have fun at practice with us while teaching us all the fundamentals we need to know & trying to better us. Always remember, if they are making you run, or condition, or anything that we all seem to think has absolutely nothing to do with volleyball, they really are just trying to make you better & they know what they are doing! If you are running, I promise there is a reason for it!

Volleyball Schedule

Monday, Aug. 24th, 4pm to Saturday, Oct. 31st, 5:15pm

406 East 3rd Street

Villisca, IA

Volleyball is everyday after school from 4 to around 5:15. Practice is every single day except game days & early out Thursdays. This sport is for 7th & 8th grade students at the school. Don't forget to keep your grades up so you can always participate! :)


Right after the 3:30 bell rings to get out of school you get your stuff & go straight to the locker rooms or the bathrooms to change. You get changed & ready to go & then head to the gym. Then you take your warm up laps, stretch & began peppering with a partner until the coaches get in there & are ready to begin practice. Practice ends at 5:15 & then you grab your stuff & if you are a Corning student, you will get on the bus to go home. If you are a Villisca student you can leave then as well. But nobody can forget the best part of practice, the wonderful conditioning at the very end!(:

Southwest Valley Timberwolves!

Our 2015 Southwest Valley 8th grade class kept our school loud & proud throughout the year! We out screamed the 6th & 7th grade classes & won the Timberwolve spirit stick! We are counting on our upcoming classes to keep our school loud & proud & bring lots of spirits when we leave!(: