Pre-service teachers willing to lend a hand

Why should I get my child a tutor?

  • Recent studies from the California Research Bureau report:
    • Over the past 10 years, one-on-one tutoring has had the strongest positive effect on reading scores for elementary school students.
    • Tutored students show greater school attendance.
    • Students receiving at least four hours of tutoring per week showed a six-month gain in reading and a two-year gain in math.
    • Tutored students performed higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts.
  • The US Department of Education reports:
    • Students who were tutored twice a week for one hour sessions produced strong improvements in reading skills.
    • Over 50% of the students successfully increased a full year of reading skills in comparison to a control group with similar characteristics who did not receive tutoring.
    • Tutored students increased an average of 2.1 grade levels over the year in comparison with non-tutored students who increased a 1.0 grade level.
    • Tutored students reported an increase in confidence and an improved attitude towards education.
  • In Japan, about 30 percent of university students receive tutoring services in order to prepare for their university entrance examinations (ranked number four in education).
  • In South Korea, households spent 2.9 percent of the Gross Domestic Product on private tutoring in 1998 (ranked number two in education).


1 on 1 tutoring- 40 dollars for an hour long session. Discounts for purchasing multiple sessions in advance.

Small group curriculum ( 8-12 students) These small groups will commit to at least on lesson per week and will include all three of the our pre-service teachers. These sessions will go in depth into the specific content areas and further the understanding of the students.

Science Lessons: 45 dollars per student for two hour session. The session will include an experiment and a detailed explanation to create a strong understanding on a specific area of science. (Call for schedule content changes week to week)

Math: 35 dollars per student for a two hour session. Each session will be two hours in length and cover specific elements of math curriculum. (Call for schedule content changes week to week)

English: 30 dollars per student for a two hour session. Each student will receive a book. The students will learn a variety of methods to improve their sentence structure and their vocabulary.


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