Origami Owl Fundraiser

Supporting "Your Organization's Name Here"

Support "Your Organization's Name Here"

Origami Owl offers the latest trend in jewelry. Each piece is customized by you. Each locket tells a story about your life or showcases the things that are important to you. And, now with more ways to tell your story...bracelets, earrings, affirmation bangle bracelets and Swarovski crystals...the possibilities are endless! It's the perfect gift for holidays, new baby, remembrance, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, awareness or any time!

How It Works

By purchasing Origami Owl products, a percentage of the sales goes towards helping "your organization's name here" reach their goals and to support them through out the year! They could really use your help in reaching their goal, so why don't you Shop Til' You Drop! Think of it this way, it's a win-win situation...you get fabulous, custom Origami Owl Jewelry and at the same time are helping a great cause! To Order...just click on the "Shop Here" link below.

Your Independent Designer

Hello, my name is Cassy Edwards. I am here to help you in any way I can. Please contact me with questions, comments or concerns you may have. I want this to be a great fundraiser for you!
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