New Technology

Garance De Belair 6E

The first around-the-world flight by a solar-powered plane

The first around-the-world flight by a solar-powered plane will be accomplished by now, bringing truly clean energy to air transportation for the first time. Consumer models are still far down the road, but you don’t need to let your imagination wander too far to figure out that this is definitely a game-changer. Consider this: it took humans quite a few milennia to figure out how to fly; and only a fraction of that time to do it with solar power.

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Solar-powered plane aims to fly around the world

Insect-sized robot spies

Insect - sized robot spies aren’t far off from becoming a reality, with the military currently hard at work to bring Mission Impossible-sized tech to the espionage playground. Secret weapon: immune to bug spray.

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Secret Insect Spy Drones

Portable laser pens that can seal wounds

Portable laser pens that can seal wounds imagine you’re hiking fifty miles from the nearest human, and you slip, busting your knee wide open, gushing blood. Today, you might stand a chance of some serious blood loss — but in less than a decade you might be carrying a portable laser pen capable of sealing you back up Wolverine-style

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miniBIOLAS® Softlaser

Space tourism will hit the mainstream

Right now it costs around $20-30 million to blast off and chill at the International Space Station, or $200,000 for a sub-orbital spaceflight from Virgin Galactic. But the market is growing faster than most realize: within five years, companies like Space Island, Galactic Suite, and Orbital Technologies may realize their company missions, with space tourism packages ranging from $10,000 up-and-backs to $1 million five-night stays in an orbiting hotel suite.
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Google Glass

Like it or not, this one’s probably here to stay. Though mercifully it will likely never be as mainstream as smartphones or tablets are today, Google Glass has actually shown some real promise in the medical industry, enabling doctors to quickly access patient information, confirm diagnoses and even aid in complex surgical procedures. Thankfully, Glassholes in the wild are still few and far between, and we can only pray it stays that way.
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