Introduction Letter

Mrs. Campiglia

Dear Parents and Students of 5S!


My name is Dawn Campiglia and I will be Mrs. Selbach's replacement while she is out for the remainder of the year. I spent last week transitioning with Mrs. Selbach. I am excited to spend the next couple weeks of fifth grade with them. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to be sure we end the year smoothly, successfully, and most importantly - having fun.

I know that Mrs. Simkus has kindly reached out to you with all of my background information. As a quick overview, after graduating from TCNJ, I taught at Hillsborough Middle School, took a couple of years off when my children were young and started teaching again at First Presbyterian in Haddonfield. I have spent most of the past year teaching fifth grade in Miss Rogers class. I am excited to be working at Central School. In addition, I would like you to know that I have a sixth and eighth grader who have, in the past couple of years, made their transition from "Lizzie Haddon" into Haddonfield Middle School. I am acutely aware of how exciting and important the end of fifth grade is and I'm looking forward to helping your children prepare and transition into sixth graders.

Students achieve great success when parents, students, and teachers communicate. I believe it is important to keep everyone up to date and in the know. Looking at Mrs. Selbach's eboard it is quite evident that there are many established modes of communication. I will continue to follow the routines established with Friday folders, emails and eboard posts.

In the upcoming weeks students will be working on some culminating activities as well as some year end fun. Most of these projects will be done in school, with great time management, homework should be at minimum as we finish up the year.

In Language Arts:

We will be reading the book, Holes. Chapters will be assigned nightly and activities/discussions will be ongoing in class.

In Writing:

Students will be creating a portfolio with 3 of their greatest samples of work to be shared in celebration with the entire fifth grade on June 15th.

In Social Studies:

Students will be working on their Constitution Project in class. They will research, write, build and model their understanding of this important document and may even recite the preamble. Project guidelines went home yesterday. This is an independent project that will help them exhibit their true talents! I can't wait to see their creativity!!

In Math:

We are creating an educreations project. I hope they will be able to share their published work with you soon. They are working on creating "teaching videos" of learned concepts from fifth grade. We will also start a project about how to spend a million dollars... The fun will continue.

I have enjoyed getting to know the students in 5S and look forward to the many culminating, fun events as we end the year and prepare for sixth grade.

Please feel free to contact me at

Warm Regards,

Dawn Campiglia