Froggy News

December 14, 2014

Events Coming Up

Tuesday, Dec.16

-Math Test

Friday, Dec. 19th

-Polar Express Day-Wear PJs

Monday, Dec. 22nd

-PJ Day-If you would like your child to participate they can wear PJs and bring in a $1.00 for charity

- Sing Along for students only-2:00 PM

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd

-Class Party at 9:00 am

Polar Express Day on Friday!

On Friday, December 19th our class will be reading The Polar Express. In order to have an authentic experience we will wear bathrobes, pajamas, and slippers on our “train ride to the North Pole”. (Please remember to pack shoes for the playground.) We will sip hot chocolate sweetened by peppermint sticks as we enjoy this Chris Van Allsburg holiday story.


Math Test -Tuesday

Our Unit 4 math test will be on Tues. Dec.16. We will be reviewing on Monday. I will have the kids take home their Math books tomorrow. We will be completing Home Link 4.9 in class.

Topics covered will include:

(Corresponding math journal pages, math boxes, and Home Link examples are referenced for your review. Please also refer to the information provided on using your child’s login)

  • SECURE: Basic subtraction facts (Xtra math, Beat the Computer and Fact Dash games on

  • DEVELOPING: Ballpark estimates and Double-digit addition (pages 86 box 3, 92 box 3, 93, 97, 105, 107, 108, HLs 4.8, 4.9, Shopping Game p.95)

  • DEVELOPING: Addition/Subtraction number stories with diagrams (pages 81, 82, 85, 89, 90, 97, 98 boxes 2 & 3, 106 boxes 2 & 3, HLs 4.1, 4.2, 4.6)

  • SECURE: Showing and telling time to the quarter-hour (pages 84 box 2, 88 box 2, 94 box 4, 98 box 4, 104 box 4, 106 box 4, 109, 110 box 4 )

  • DEVELOPING: Reading Thermometers and Marking Temperature (pages 90, 91, 94 box 2, 104 box 2, 110 box 2, HLs 4.3, 4.4)

More Math-Partial Sums Method

We began a brand new strategy last week called Partial Sums Addition. It’s a paper-and-pencil strategy for adding multi-digit numbers. It emphasizes using the place value of each number, and checking against an estimate. We practiced in class both on Thursday and Friday. This is still a DEVELOPING skill, so mastery is not required at this time. Just remind your child to add the tens, then the ones, then add them together. If you need a short tutorial, feel free to use and go to the Interactive My Reference Book page 30 to learn more about partial sums. There is a short tutorial there.


This week in reading we will be reading the Nonfiction story called Catching the Wind. We will be learning about the following skills:

  • nonfiction text features (diagrams, glossary, index, table of contents, captions)
  • compare and contrast
  • answering factual questions
  • author's purpose


We will be finishing up our Holiday Traditions writing pieces this week. We will be working on our rough draft this week and editing our work. Finally we will be publishing the pieces.

Social Studies

Last week we started our Map unit. If your child hasn't sent their Flat Stanley pieces please remember to do so.

This week we will be learning about Holidays Around the World. We will learn about how different countries celebrate their holidays. We will be learning about the following countries: Israel, Italy, Mexico and Sweden.


We will be learning about the short and the long e. We will not be having a spelling test this week. Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words using the Spelling City website Please look for Sort 19 for this week's words.


We will only have homework on Monday due to Hanukkah starting on Tuesday.

Monday-Study for the Unit 4 test.

Tuesday-Thursday-No Homework

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!