Ice King

Adventure time Character Analysis

Personality traits

Ice king is mostly angry and has no friends. In one of the episodes is a playa and is misogynistic. He is a musician, sad and creepy in another episode.
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behaviour and motivations

In the episode Loyalty to the king(S2 E1) he shaved his beard and worked out he did those to get the princesses to like him. In the episode I remember you (S4 E25) he wamts to be loved and he plays instruments.
Best Quote From The Ice King. EVAR.


Ice king was a scientist named Simon. Simon was obsessed with ancient artifacts. one day he found this magical crown and when he put it on it gave him powers. he went to head back to his lab when he stumbled upon a little girl who he looked after before he turned into the ice king. when he puts the crown on it turns him evil. the more he puts it on the more he cant take it off.