Lets Flip This Thing

The INs and OUTs of the Flipped Classroom

What exactly does Flipping a Classroom mean?

A flipped classroom is where the typical roles of classroom setting and home have been inverted. The classroom is turned in to an enviornment that is setup to review and dig depper into the content. Home, outside of the class, has turned into a place where students gain the basic knowledge of the content.

Does this sound like a winning setup?

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What is Awesome about Flipping...

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Awesome facts for students

  1. If students dont have internet access, they can still participate (all the examples in the apple above)
  2. Students are learning through modes that they are more comfortable and familiar with using.
  3. The type of activities and lessons that are used in the classroom are more applicable to real world skills.

Results of Awesome facts for students

  • Students of all socioeconomic levels can learn and be productive in a flipped classroom, technology should not be a hindrance
  • Student engagement increases
  • Students improve their team-oriented skills.
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Awesome facts for teachers

  1. Students begin to take ownership of their learning
  2. Teachers are able to facilitate the classroom and not be a "Sage on the Stage"
  3. Freedom to think "outside the box" for your classroom

Results of Awesome facts for teachers

  • The students will learn more when they are the lead person in their own learning
  • An increase in student comprehension will come from the strategies that are utilized in a flipped classroom
  • With the "outside the box" ideas that the teacher uses will help the students by have unique ways of viewing and thinking about different parts of the content.

What are some problems with flipping....

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Student Issues

  1. Students may not have access to the proper materials at home
  2. Students may not have the time in their home lives to complete work
  3. Students may try to skip lesson and come in assuming they can complete the work in class

Results of Student Issues

  • This will cause the teacher to teach the lesson during the class, which is counterproductive
  • This could cause student to fill, and impede their skills from advancing
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Teacher Issues

  1. Inexperienced teachers may not have an enticing flipped classroom
  2. Teachers may not have the proper training for a flipped classroom
  3. Teacher may not have the proper resources

Results of Teacher Issues

  • This can lead to a disconnection, as well as, a lack of knowledge on the subject
  • This could lead to the strategy being unsuccessful and ultimately the students fall behind
  • Like in any classrom if the teacher does not have the resources they can not properly teach certain styles


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