By: Kaitlyn Motsco

Background information

Guatemala's capital is Guatemala City. Major cities in Guatemala are Flores, Esquipulas, Puerto Barrios, and Quetzaltenango.


Guatemala was controlled by another country, Spain. In 1839 Guatemala gained their independence and they still have their independence. People who live in Guatemala speak Spanish. The Guatemala flag was the national emblem of Guatemala comprise of a wreath of bay laurel branches, the resplendent Quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala).

Geographical information

Guatemala is a Central America country. It is south of Mexico, west of Belize, and north of El Salvador. In Guatemala there is Volcán de Fuego, Pasión River, and Sierra de los Cuchumatanes.

Political information

Guatemala's government is the constitution democratic republic. Jimmy Morales is Guatemala's president after his victory in the 2015 presidential election.

Economic information

The currency in Guatemala is Guatemalan quetzal. Guatemala's economic system is capitalism.

Tourists information

People should visit Guatemala because of the dramatic, volcano-studded horizon, the lush forests and cobblestone streets. Also the little cultural jolts and traditionally dressed Maya toting. The tourists should see the small coastal town Retalhuleu. In Retalhuleu you can access to Takalik Abaj and a couple of world-class fun parks are just down the road. Also you can see ancient Mayan sites.