A planet far away from the sun

- Size

Uranus is the third biggest planet in the Solar System after Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus is about four Earths across.

- Inside

On the inside of Uranus, there are four parts. The atmosphere is made of mixed gases. The next part of Uranus is also made of of mixed gases and liquid water. Then, there is rock and there could be ice. The last part of Uranus is very hot. It could go up to 12,600F. But the atmosphere is cold and it can go down to -355F.

- When was Found

Uranus was found by William Herschel on March 13, 1781. The Voyger2 is the first and only telescope to go to Uranus.

- Moons

Uranus has 27 moons. The five biggest moons are Umbriel- (1948), Miranda- (1948), Oberon- (1787), Titania- (1787), and Ariel- (1851). Those five moons were all named after people in the play of William Shakesphere. They were the first to be seen in telescopes. Scientists think that Uranus's moons are made out of ice and rock. Miranda- (top) Ariel-(bottom)
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- Rings

Uranus has eleven rings. The rings are made of dust and rocks. The Voyger2 took pictures of Uranus's rings. Uranus's rings were found in 1997.

- Fun Facts

It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to travel around the sun. Scientists think that Uranus got hit by something huge and it made Uranus turn onto it's other side, so now, Uranus spins up and down. Uranus spins around once every 17 and 1/2 Earth hours. Uranus has clouds that go around Uranus really fast. Uranus got named George's Star and then Uranus got renamed Uranus. Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. Uranus was the first planet to be found using a telescope. Each season on Uranus lasts about 21 years. Uranus spins very fast. The clouds on Uranus spins 400mph. Scientists think that Uranus's atmosphere might squeezetiny black diamonds. Then those tiny black diamonds would fall to the center of Uranus. Scientists say that Uranus is too far away that they have to use math to study Uranus. Hubble takes the best pictures of Uranus.
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