My Year at a Glance

Montana Davis

About Me

My name is Montana Davis and I am fifthteen. I am a sophomore at Frenship High School. I have two brothers and two sisters that live with me. School is alright, but my favorite subjects would probably have to be science and math.

Year at a Glance

My sophomore year has been my best year in high school so far. There has been some horrible and also some exciting things that have happened to me and others this year. I have gained some amazing people into my life and i have also lost some people who have made it even better. I hope to have even better years in the future!

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would probably have to be going to the Bahamas. The Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands and and there are all surrounded by beaches. I would like to go to the Bahamas because I have never been and it's so pretty! I would love to swim with the exotic sea creatures, go to the beach, and walk through town and learn about their historical cultures.