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Sameed Ahmed

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My name is Sameed Ahmed and I am currently 16 years old. I was born in India, Hyderabad on February 7th, 2000. My family consists of 5 members including me, I have two siblings, my brother is 13 years old, and my sister is aged 11. My hobbies include playing soccer and reading fictitious books. My favorite authors are Eric Walters and Joelle Charbonneau, I love their writing style and how their writing is able to make the reader feel like he/she is involved within the story. I also like to watch documentaries and learn new facts and information regarding different topics throughout the world, the most recent documentary I watched was "The Deepest Place on Earth". I am also a very honest and organized person, I dislike cheating others and I also dislike being disorganized, I ensure that all of my belongings and any materials which I utilize are in their appropriate place once I am done using them. Aside from that, I also have a Youtube channel by the name "Tragthegamer", however, I stopped uploading videos approximately one year ago. My favourite song is "Carol of the Bells" by Goblins of Mars, it is an amazing soundtrack which I love listening to while working. A current goal of mine is to perform well in school, because how I perform on my studies will determine my future career path as well as my quality of life once I become independent and acquire a job. Overall, I am a normal human being, I believe that nothing makes me better than any of you and that no matter how much pressure this world puts on me, I will try my best to push past it.

My Life Line

My Favourite Things

Goblins from Mars

Carol Of The Bells (Trap Remix)[Free Download] by Goblins from Mars
Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders (Official TV Commercial)
This Is Why You Can't Outrun a Cheetah

My Leadership Style

I feel that I am a leader as a Teller. A Teller is a leader that tells the team what to do and how to do it, a Teller makes all of the decisions, does not seek input from the team members, and expects all of the team members to be experienced and capable. I believe that I am a leader as a Teller because I prefer to lead in a method which ensures I have control over the direction which the group takes, this involves making all of the decisions for the group and seeking little input from the other team members. I also prefer to have the final say in a decision that impacts the performance of the group because I believe that if the group follows my lead then we will be successful in what we wish to accomplish. I also expect my team members to be professional, experienced, and capable enough to finish their assigned work. All of these leadership characteristics which I possess define me as a leader as a Teller. An example in which I demonstrate and exercise this type of leadership style is during Grade 8, I was paired with 3 other students to work on an assignment in which we had to create a product and a process which will allow us to sell that product at a profitable level. I immediately established myself as the leader of the group because I knew I was experienced and capable enough to secure a high level of success for my group. I made the decisions regarding what our product will be, the pricing, and the method we will use to advertise. I expected my team members to be experienced and capable enough to finish the job which they were assigned, which was to buy the materials required to build our product and then assemble the product using those materials. In the end, we were extremely successful, and I was able to demonstrate how the best leadership style for me is a leader as a Teller.

My Influences

Every single individual in my family and life has in a way influenced me into becoming what I am today. My parents are by far the most influential beings in my life. My mother taught me the art of being responsible and how to be a proper gentleman while my father shaped me into a teenager that is dedicated towards his studies, and has an entrepreneurial flair with a strategic vision. I am very grateful that my parents instilled these characteristics into me as they enable me to be a better human and to be successful in everything I do. My grandpa is also a large influence within my life, I absolutely love my grandpa and I am influenced by him to pursue a career in medicine, this is because my grandpa is a doctor, and I wish to have a similar career as him in which I help people through medicine and health related advice. My friends are also an important group of individuals that influence me to be who I am as they encourage me to embrace my humorous and smart personality. Furthermore, an external factor that has shaped my character is an injury which I experienced while playing soccer last year, my knee cap had been kicked extremely hard which caused the muscle surrounding my knee cap to swell. The swelling was extremely painful and this changed my character as I realized that I am a living being who is vulnerable at all times, this thought process made me paranoid about injuring myself because I hate the unbearable feeling of pain which is a result of an injury. An internal factor which has shaped my character is an incident in my past in which two friends of mine betrayed me. I am not interested in discussing the details of this event, however, two friends of mine who I trusted had betrayed me by abandoning me when I most needed them. This sense of betrayal had left me depressed for a few days, however, I was able to surpass the mental instability I felt at the time, and this allowed me to develop into an individual with a more bold and stable character.

My Role model

A person who is very important to me and who I can classify as my role model would be my father. My father's name is Mohammed Taj Ahmed, he was born in India, Hyderabad, and had been raised there for most of his childhood. I admire my father because of the sacrifices he made for me and my siblings to ensure that we had a good education and better job opportunities. My father immigrated to Canada in 2001, he had immigrated 6 months before me, my brother and my mother, so that he would be able to find a job and allow us to settle into life in Canada with ease. My father is extremely important to me because I depend on him for guidance and advice regarding life in general. My father is also one of my parental figures which gives him even more importance to me through the love I have for him which he earned by providing me with food, shelter, clothing, and a sense of belongingness. My father has taught me to focus on my studies, because how I treat my education now will affect my future lifestyle, my father has also taught me to approach everything I do in a strategic method, which will allow me to approach everything I do in an intelligent manner. Continuing on, when my father had graduated high school, he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a medical practitioner, however, due to a shortage of money, my father was unable to pursue his dream as he could not afford to pay the tuition fees. My father's unfortunate faith has influenced me to try even harder in my studies because I wish to become a medical practitioner, and I have fortunately been granted an opportunity to pursue this career path because I will be able to afford the tuition fees through acquiring a student loan. Sadly, student loans did not exist when my father had graduated from high school, only those who could afford to pay the loans back were able to receive a loan. My ultimate goal is to make my father proud by becoming someone who he himself wanted to become.
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My Future Career Plan

An Emergency Medicine Physician is a doctor that typically works in a trauma center, hospital, or clinic. Emergency Medicine Physicians focus their work on subspecialties within the medical field. Great joy and personal validation can be obtained from helping people however doctors are at a constant risk of contracting an illness or disease from their patients. This job involves quick thinking, decision making, and a highly stressful work environment. I believe this position is suitable for me because I have a passion for helping people, and I also prefer to work in a highly stressful environment because I am able to handle stress extremely well. Furthermore, to be able to become an Emergency Medicine Physician, I will first need to earn a bachelor's degree in science-based programs such as biology and chemistry, the next step is to enroll in medical school in which I will cover health-related topics and gain clinical experience in a span of four years. Next, I will have to complete a residency program which will take approximately 3 years, in this program I will have to successfully complete various emergency medicine related tasks in order to be eligible for a board certification. This board certification can be pursued by an individual who has graduated from the residency program and is willing to demonstrate their dedication and proficiency in the field. After I have obtained all of these requirements, I will then be able to begin a career in emergency medicine.
Career Profiles - ER Doctor

Family Symbols

Charminar !! Hyderabad's PRIDE

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test


Visual - 36%

Kinesthetic - 33%

Auditory - 31%

I strongly feel that my learning style has been correctly classified as visual-kinesthetic. My learning is style is partially visual because I learn certain subjects (ex: Mathematics and Science) best by seeing the information, taking detailed notes, underlining or highlighting my notes, and organizing all of my information, all of these characteristics are possessed by a visual learner.

I am also partially a kinesthetic learner as I learn certain subjects (ex: English) through participating in more hands-on activities, using flashcards to memorize information, and constructing a model or diagram to better my understanding of the topic. All of these characteristics belong to a kinesthetic learner, and I efficiently display them. Overall, this tool was able to accurately classify me as a visual-kinesthetic learner.

Personality Test


Vince Lombardi

Sandra Day O'Connor

George Washington

This personality type is a person who is objective, decisive, driven and comfortable working with other people. They gather facts and information through their own personal experiences and seek stability and order. I believe that this classification is partially correct. I am an ESTJ because I do in fact seek stability and order whenever possible. However, I am not an ESTJ because I dislike working in a group setting and communicating my ideas with others. I am also terrible at equally distributing the work in a group setting, which is another reason as to why my personality type is only partially ESTJ.

Rather than work with other people, I prefer to work by myself as this will enable me to make my own decisions and organize/distribute my time according to my needs.

This test also compared me with the likes of Vince Lombardi, Sandra Day O'Connor, and George Washington. I feel that I can accurately be represented by these individuals because I love to play soccer, I am an honest person who is good at making the right decision, and I am good at being a leader in all types of conflicts and situations.

Interest Test


Investigative - 73%

Enterprising - 71%

Realistic - 67%

A consultant is an individual that can be hired by a company to provide expert and professional advice regarding a specific topic. Surprisingly my father is a consultant, however, I feel that my interest type is not consulting. This is because I am horrible at providing advice, even if the advice is regarding something I am very good at.

I feel that the interest which best suits me is enterprising. This is because enterprising requires a willingness to take risks and also leadership skills. This requirement is something I can easily fulfill as I am naturally good at being a leader and taking the right type of risks. Another reason I prefer enterprising is because I am a creative person who likes to start and guide new projects within a business.

Knowledge Test


Physical Education - 100%

Science - 89%

Business - 83%

This assessment classified my top subject area as physical education. I personally feel that this classification is wrong as I do not associate myself with any physical activities besides playing soccer. I dislike physical education and prefer to do activities which involve me sitting at a desk or reading a piece of literature. I am not the type of person to willingly expose myself to any type of physical activity.

I feel that my top subject area should have been classified as either science or mathematics. My top subject area should have been classified as science because I love to learn biology and have a passion for exploring living organisms and the different parts, diseases, and functions they have. My top subject area should also have in the least been classified as mathematics as I excel at completing equations and I also like to indulge myself in books and problems related to mathematics.

Motivations Test


Relationships - 72%

Achievement - 69%

Working Condition - 67%

Relationships are very tricky due to the various types of relationships there are and the compromises you have to make within a relationship. I feel that I am very good at understanding relationships and creating relationships because relationships are important to me as I am a very social and dependent person. I have multiple relationships within my life, an example are my friends and how I depend on my friends for support during tough times, and I also like to speak them when I have nothing else to occupy myself with. Another example of a relationship I have within my life includes my parents as I have to make a lot of compromises with them in order to make them happy, however, I depend on them for support and also for guidance.

Multiple Intelligences Test

The results of my inventory varied, which I found interesting. My strongest MI’s are my logical and intrapersonal strengths, which both have a score of 100. My second strongest strength is my naturalist strength, which has a score of 70. My third strongest strength with a score of 60 are my existential strengths. A tie occurred between my fifth strongest strengths, these are sections 6 (kinesthetic), 7 (verbal), and 9 (visual), all of these strengths have a score of 50. My sixth strongest and second weakest strength is my interpersonal strength which had a low score of 40. My weakest strength is my musical strength which had a very low score of 30. I completely agree with the results of this inventory and was not surprised as I think they accurately represent my strengths and weaknesses. My strongest strengths are my interpersonal and logical strengths, which is reasonable as I am naturally good at being logical and understanding myself. I do care about the environment but not as much as an environmentalist, so I was not surprised to see my naturalist strength with a high score of 70. I am also not surprised to see my existential skills with a score of 60 as I am an active follower of my religion and I believe in god, I also believe that there is life out in the Universe, and we simply need to go to the right extents in order to find it. My kinesthetic, verbal, and visual strengths tied with a score of 50, and I do not find this surprising as I am a type of learner who incorporates all of these strengths while learning. My second weakest strength, interpersonal strength, achieved a score of 40 which did not surprise me as I dislike working in groups, I am not good at communicating my ideas with others and distributing the work equally in a group setting, I prefer to work alone. Lastly, my weakest strength was unsurprisingly my musical strength, although I am naturally good at learning new instruments, I absolutely dislike playing instruments or listening to music, which is why my musical strength can be considered a weakness. I can utilize my strongest MI’s, my logical and intrapersonal strengths, in a variety of ways to help with my learning experience. Firstly, I can utilize my logical strength within my learning experience to help better understand certain topics and see the reasoning behind them. For example, in a course called “History”, I learned about Hitler and the various actions he did, I can use my logical strength in this scenario to help myself understand why Hitler committed those negative actions and what the true reasonings behind his actions are. Furthermore, I can use my interpersonal strengths within my learning experience to help myself improve. By being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I can enable myself to improve and do better than I did on a previous assignment or test. I can also utilize my interpersonal strength to help myself recover from depressing moments, which is vital to my success in my studies as my performance on an assignment or test usually depends on how I am feeling while doing the assignment or test. Overall, my strongest MI’s, my logical and interpersonal strengths, are very important as they can positively impact my learning experience through many different ways.

True Colours Test

I partially agree with my true colours assessment. According to this assessment, I am curious green, responsible gold, and adventurous orange, however, I am not harmonious blue. To begin, Curious green represents a person who desires to be seen as smart, is logical and self-motivated, likes to learn new material, and shares their knowledge. This accurately represents me as I am a person who likes to be seen as being smart, I am also logical and rational when approaching different types of situations, I motivate myself to achieve tasks which at first seem extremely hard or impossible, I like learning about new topics, and I also like to share my knowledge with the people around me, which are all the characteristics of a person that showcases curious green. Continuing on, responsible gold is a person that is organized and plans ahead, is loyal and responsible, requires structure and security, and follow the rules while respecting authority. I believe that I showcase these characteristics on a daily basis as I am a loyal friend who respects figures of authority, I abide by the rules which I am subject to, I am organized and I also have a calendar to help plan how I will be spending my time, and I also require security and structure within my life, these actions of mine show that I am indeed a person that can be represented by responsible gold. Lastly, this assessment also classified me as adventurous orange, this personality-colour combo represents a person that has a basic need for action, excitement, freedom, and to act according to their instincts, this type of person also likes adventures, is playful, loving, and also competitive. I feel that I can be represented by adventurous orange alongside curious green and responsible gold as I love to travel the world and go on adventures, I am also a competitive person that loves to participate in competitions, I am playful and loving towards my family and friends, I also prefer to have a sense of action in whatever I do, and I usually act according to my instincts, proving that adventurous orange can indeed represent me.

I disagree with this assessment because it did not classify me as harmonious blue. Harmonious blue represents a person that has a basic need for harmony and positivity, prefers close relationships, is friendly, sensitive, and imaginative, and strives to make the world a better place. I believe that I should also have been classified as harmonious blue as an important part of my beliefs is that I should try my best to make the world a better place for myself and everyone else living in it. I am also a friendly and sensitive person although I lack creativity and imagination. Relationships are also important to me as I rely on them for support during tough moments in my life, and I prefer close relationships. Overall, my true colours personality test was partially accurate as I feel that I should be represented by all four of the personality-colour combos rather than just three of them.