PK 4.2 Newsletter

February 14, 2014-Ms.Kashmira

Wrapping up!

We had a super week! This week we kept talking about wheels, and how life would be without wheels. We will be recapping on all the concepts and ideas about transportation, and places in our communities we learned throughout the past weeks.

Next week we will be familiarizing the children with the community Helpers in our community. We will discuss ways your children can currently help in our community.

Welcome to PK 4.2!

We have a new friend in our classroom! Melissa comes from Brazil and we are so happy to have her join our class :)

Fun in the BLOCK CENTER!


Holger, Gerardo, Alessa and Jacqueline worked together and did such a great job! They were so proud of what they constructed!

Aloha! Alessa's Big Day!

For Alessa's BIG day we took a trip to HAWAII! We had so much fun we played musical towels, hot coconut, LIMBO and Alessa finished showing us how to dance Hawaiian style. We then had some delicious healthy fruit kebabs, and other yummy treats. Joining her on this very special day was daddy, mommy, sister Dahlia, Grandma's, and Aunty Vicky. ALOHA!

Sister School

Dear Parents:

For many years, it has been an Elementary School tradition to collect supplies for our sister school Gabriel Lewis Galindo in Las Trancas which serves students from a very poor neighborhood. The goal of this initiative is to allow ISP students to develop positive social values and commitment to local community service.

With the beginning of the Panamanian academic year just around the corner, we strongly encourage students and families to contribute by donating school supplies. Please see the list below for school supplies donation details.

The donations can be delivered to the Elementary School office. The collecting of the donations will start on Monday, February 17th and will continue until Friday, February 28th. Members of the Student Representative Council will have a chance to visit our sister school and deliver the donations to their peers at Gabriel Lewis Galindo. Following this, they will share their experiences and impressions with elementary community here at ISP.

Thanks for your generosity and support,

The Sister School Committee

Each grade level is asked to collect specific items for our sister school. The following is a list of supplies that would be greatly appreciated.

Pre-Kinder 3: 1 box of crayons and 1 package of play dough

Home Activity

Number Hunt: This is a number recognition game for home! It is super fun and easy. You just need POST-IT and a marker, and write on each post-it a number. Put the Post-its around your house and have your child recognize the numbers around home. You can also use your English and say: Can you tell me what number is on the chair? What number is on the refrigerator? You can also do the same activity using letters/letter sounds :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had such a wonderful day filled with so much LOVE! We talked about friendship, and what friendship meant to each one of them. Sharing, caring, helping each other were a few mentioned. Some also said that just saying I love you, or giving a helping hand, and even a hug is friendship. We celebrated by making delicious pink pancakes and some friends even brought some treats and cards to share with everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, love, love in PK 4.2!!!

Love in our FAMILY!

Have a LOVELY weekend!