Camo Animals

The Quader

The Quader

Welcome to Camo Animals Weekly! In this week's edition we will be learning about the newly discovered species, The Quader! You may be wondering,"Why is it called The Quader?" And the answer is... I don't know. It just is, so please don't ask.


Special Camouflage

The Quader is a classic example of an animal hiding in plain sight. The Quader is more commonly known as a marker cap. But, don't be fooled, these sneaky little critters are very much alive. Once it is attached to a marker, it sheds its legs. After, it looks, feels, and acts like a marker cap. An exception is a slight change of color for its eyes. Usually it is asleep during the day, so you can't see the eyes but at night it wakes up and starts to drink the ink from the marker.

Other Adaptations

Over the years, the Quader has adapted to the horrible treatment of kids. The constant removing of the Quader from its food source has pushed the species into a corner. But, the species has pushed past the hardest times and has adapted to these horrible conditions. The Quader is now more tolerant long periods of little to no food to eat. It also has a harder exoskeleton and it can with stand more impacts. Also, after a Quader has found a suitable marker, it loses the ability to move. (This usually happens a few days after birth.) Due to the lack of mobility, the Quader reproduces asexually.

Niche/Feeding Habits

The Quader's role is to help tidy up the area it lives in. Its other role is to make markers dry out faster. The Quader eats extremely small amounts of dust and dead substances such as dead skin. Its primary food source is the ink from markers. These animals are nocturnal so they only feed at night. During the day, they are hunted by students. The students use the Quader's food source to make pretty pictures, thus slowly starving the animal.

Quader's Features

It has two eyes which allow it to see. It also has extremely small sensors that allow it to sense what is around it. It has tiny legs that enable it to move (even though they are shed early in the Quader's life span. In the the Quader, where its attaches to the marker, is the mouth. This allows the Quader to eat the ink from the marker.
That's it for this weeks Camo Animals. Make sure you pick up a copy of next week's issue!