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If it's not death it must be . . .

People have already been asking about tax forms. The Post Office will not have them. (I called and asked) We will be getting copies of State forms at some point. I'm working on getting something from the Feds.

I'm also working on scheduling some tax filing assistance.

IMPORTANT!!! We can’t give any advice! Not even which form to use! We could be held responsible for any errors or outright deception on the part of the filer.

Friendly Reminders

Trash – Please put recycling and trash in correct bins.

DVD’s – When checking in and out, check title on disk against the case/sleeve. Mulholland Drive went out in a Curious George case. David Lynch would have approved, the Reys not so much.

Book Bags will be coming from the elementary school. We'll be inventorying the titles and washing the bags.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

"Libraries don't change lives. People who work in libraries change lives" - Neil Gaiman