Macbeth Act 5 Scene 5

1979 trevor nunn v.s. 2010 rupert goold


In the book Macbeth, Macbeth was a victim of the 3 witches the told him his faith he was tempted to be king so the blood was drawn and greed and madness over took him his deprecation took him to far where faith took his life because he was playing with the faith of others. In movie of 1979 and in 2010 are similar to the book but only the 1979 version was more similar to the book because Macbeth was cold a distant to lady Macbeths and he could care less and continued to keep it his way.


In Conclusion, version 1979 , was more similar to the book because both Macbeth lose there control and desperate and let greed and power consume him he ended losing everything and ended up dead like the monster he became.