Technology at Lineville

Vincent Oliver Jacques

Learn to Type/Typing Web

Throughout the year during every class we start off with typing for 5 minutes.We use the online website "Learn To Type.''There are 3 courses, last year I finished the Beginner course and this year I worked on the Intermediate Course.I enjoyed typing,because I started off this year as a very slow with my typing but now by the time it's the end of the year Iv'e become a pretty descent typist .

Career Locker

At the start of the year we worked on a website called ''Career Locker."On Career Locker we learn about the careers that we want to do in the future.There are many different choices of jobs on the cite to choose from.The cite tells you all different kinds of things that you'll have to do if you'd like to choose that job.For example it tells you, what colleges you're aloud to attend, what degrees you need, where you'll have to live and other information that helps you learn about what your going to do in the future.

Haiku Deck

In Haiku Deck we chose a career to study and learn about .After we found information about our career, we made a Haiku Deck on that career.Haiku Deck is a website where you can make presentations, like slides.On each slide we had different information about our career, for example one of the slides was what kind of degrees you needed to have that job.Other slides were about where you would have to live to have that job, or how much their job pays, and what you'd have to go through to do that job.


The iTrailer project was supposed to be like a preview for a movie.We would make a few scenes and add captions after each slide, as if we were showing a preview for a movie.I really enjoyed this project, because we were aloud to do it on whatever we want.I chose to do mine on basketball,I made a few different clips of me having bad plays or not doing everything right.I had fun making this presentation and it was probably my favorite project of the year.


During Coding we used the online website there are many different games that we play that are challenging but fun.In order to make the character move or to draw the shape, we have to add up all the different choices to choose from to finish the level.I like coding because, at first it's hard but once you finally finish the level it feels good and also it helps me understand how to code better and use a computer.

Explain Everything

For our Explain Everything project, we had to choose a math problem from the board.After we chose a problem we would then type it in Explain Everything.Once we got the problem into explain everything then we would go into into the hallway and tap the microphone button to talk.While we hit the microphone button we then speak the problem and then explain how to figure it out.