In Depth With Oceanography

By Stephan Gullickson

About Oceanography

Oceanography studies the ocean plants, animals, shore coast and sea floor.It studies the ways that the sea and the air above it influence each other. Their findings help other researchers who are studying weather forecasting, national defense, fishery improvement, and ocean mining. Oceanography has five basic areas physical, chemical, geological, biological, and marine 2 are branches in science.

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The Branch

The branch in this career would be life science and Earth science these two things have to do with Oceanography because life science deals with the ocean animals and Earth science deals with the geological features.

Educational Path

The Major you would have to ear would be Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population Biology.

A major in Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology, Other has to do with things like biology and Biological science teachers.

    Training school or collage

    An example of a school have ing classes with information with this career is Bemidji State University this is a 4 year college and is public. Student to faculty ratio is 20:1. The test scores you have to earn are listed below. Students per Lecture: 23 Students per Laboratory: 20 Students per Discussion: 20

    GPA 3.33- ACT 20 to 23- SAT 960 to 1099

    Things that effect this job

    It is not easy to find this job I only found 2 openings. And it only had a couple of training schools. Also the requirements for this job are very selective and is a very remote job, you won't be able to see your family for very long time


    Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates Inc.

    Located in Green Bay.

    Additional Locations

    Milwaukee, WI

    Madison, WI

    Chicago, IL

    Naples, FL

    Quad Cities, IA

    Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates Inc. (GASAI) is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering and surveying firm. GASAI provides a variety of clients. GASAI has developed comprehensive skills in a number of engineering fields, including: civil, environmental, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, structural, construction management, and land surveying.


    Wage Level


    range: $41,300

    to $160,910 Per Hour

    Per hour

    Entry $41,300 $19.86

    Median $67,660 $32.53

    Experienced $109,080. $52.44


    range: $43,820 to $160,910 PerHour

    Per hour

    Entry $43,820 to $21.07

    Median $82,500. To $39.66

    Experienced $160,910 to $77.36


    Someday I could see myself in this career it has to do with the ocean and I love the ocean the ocean animals and the geological features. Some of the pros in this career would be working on the ocean and being able to work with animals. Some cons of this career would be a long time away from my family and having to live in tight quarters for a long time.

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