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UCLA and Subjunctive

Formula de Subjuntivo

  • 2 pronombres
  • 1st verbo es en weirdo
  • "que" es después de el primero verbo
  • 2nd verbo es en el subjuntivo conjugacion

UCLA Mascot

The mascot for the University of California at Los Angeles is a Bruin, or a brown bear.


  1. W-wishes, wants, and hopes
  2. E-emotion
  3. I-impersonal
  4. R-recommendations
  5. D-doughts
  6. O-order, or command

UCLA info.

  • Freshman tuition while being a resident of California is $33,199 per 9 months.
  • SAT Score from 1760-2140
  • GPA at least 2.5
  • Students: 43,239

Oraciones de WEIRDO

Quiero que mis padres hablen to me about college.

Espero que UCLA acepte mi.

Estoy feliz que vaya a California.

Estoy nervioso que aplace UCLA.

Este importante que tenga buenas calificaciones.

Este importante que aplace temprano.

Yo recomendó que mueves a California.

Yo recomendo que aplaces por scholarships.

Yo no creo que UCLA no tenga dormitorios.

Dudo que puedas a aplicar después November 30th.

Yo conto que mis amigos ayuden mi paquete.

Yo conto que mi familia visiten mi en California.

Neuroscience prerequisites

  • Chem. and Biochem.
  • Life science
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • GPA of 2.0 or better
  • C- or better in all classes.

UCLA acceptance

Last year UCLA accepted 16,059 freshmen students who applied out of 86,554.

Datos importante

  • Nov. 30th- reg. applications due
  • Jan. 15th- Test score deadline
  • March 31st- Colleges notifications to accepted students
  • May 1st- Student reply deadline


I would like to be on a soccer team for the college or for another team during my college career because i have been playing soccer my whole life and i love it.

I would also like to join some kind of extreme sports team because i love adventures and i love the outdoors.