December 2016 Newsletter

Kevin K. Coleman

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Families,

What an exciting time of the year! Before we go on break, we have lots to do. We hope parents and families will attend our Parent/Teacher Conferences. This is a wonderful way to get to learn what your child is doing, how they are progressing through the standards, as well as hear how the teachers are supporting your child/children. They are held on December 6 and are from 4-7 pm. Hope to see you there!

We are having our next SIT meeting on Friday, December 2nd from 8:10-9:10. All are welcomed to attend our meeting. This is a way for parents to learn what we are doing in our schools to support our students.

We also have Family Fun Night on December 16 from 6-7:30. We hope to see you there!

Students are also excited to go to the Woonsocket High School to see the Holiday Concert. It should be a great time!

Have a wonderful break!

Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Celeste Conti


Room 14 is very busy. We just finished all of our trimester 1 testing and saw lots of growth in our academics. We just finished a Social Studies unit on the American Flag. We also just finished our first Science unit of the year on Weather and Environmental Changes. We had fun playing our hawks and mice game to see what would happen when our habitats have Environmental changes. In Math we are working on place value and comparing numbers. We are also continuing to build our basic skills of addition and subtraction. Some of the class will be starting to work on multiplication as well. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory as a whole class and when we finish we will be comparing the book to the 2 movie versions. Parent teacher conferences are on December 6, everyone should have received a time slot. Can't wait to see you then. Happy Holidays!!!!!!


Incredible as it may seem, we have completed another exciting month of learning in Kindergarten. December is going to be a very busy month. We will be focusing on beginning letter sounds, rhyming words, and writing short sentences in our journals. In Math, we will be working on comparison of length, weight, capacity, and numbers to 10. Please continue reading the weekly mini-book with your child. Happy Holidays to all of our Kindergarten families!

In the month of December, Kindergarten students will begin learning about fairytales with the Gingerbread Man series. Students will do reenactments of the stories in class, and create gingerbread men and women to share at home right before vacation.

1st Gr.

We are having a great year in first grade. The children continue to work on solving word problems in math as well as practice their math facts through number bonds and sprints. In reading we are practicing how to retell a story with detail about the characters and events. The children are writing narratives. We continue to practice how to focus in on a topic and give four details about it. Our class is beginning to learn about the sun, moon, and the stars in science. We are also practicing letter formation as well as trick words in phonics. We continue to read Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines. The children really enjoy the articles in these magazines. We are having a very busy and fun year in first grade!

We are now in Module 2 of Eureka Math! The lessons in this module focus on helping the children become fluent in adding and subtracting within 20. Word problems are a big focus of this module as well. In reading we are beginning our unit of study in making connections about books. The children will also learn how to write their opinion about books they read. In Science we are working on our seasons unit.

2nd GR.

Second grade wrote letters to veterans in honor of Veteran's day. We will be working on "How to" writing. In Science we will be conducting an experiment on "What Plants Need". In Math we will be finishing up the module on place value and beginning the module on using place value to solve addition and subtraction problems. For extra help in math, please check out the website:

3rd GR.

The third graders have been having a ton of fun exploring multiplication. They have learned about the 0-5 tables and are now learning about the 6-10 tables. They have been exploring Algebra skills which include the communicative and distributive properties. They are also becoming familiar with replacing the unknown with a letter. Reading assessments have just been completed and what a great job the third graders did. They showed their ability to read fluently while demonstrating their understanding. Effects of natural disasters has been the focus in science. Maybe some day one of their structural design ideas will help protect people in the future. Keep up the great work third graders!!

4th Gr.

The Fourth Grade has been working hard on Module 3 in Math. The students are learning all about area and perimeter, how to multiple two digit by one digit numbers, and will soon be working on division. Multiplication facts are especially important during this module. Please practice multiplication facts with your children as often as possible. This month in science we will be learning about plate tectonics. The students are very interested to learn about how this relates to earthquakes and volcanoes!

5th GR.

Students are continuing with the Grade 5 Eureka Math curriculum. We are currently working on module 2 concepts and skills. Students are focusing on multiplying three and four digit numbers, as well as multi-step problem solving strategies. Students are encouraged to use their account for extra practice and to view a guided YouTube video for each homework assignment from

The 5th grade has been focusing on dividing and multiplying decimals in math using the Eureka Math method. In ELA students have been working with their reading groups as well as focusing on cause and effect, adjectives, nouns and proper nouns. In writing students finished their personal narratives and their If I were President essays. They recently finished their science unit focusing on the three states of matter and their properties. In Social Studies we will be starting our unit on the early Western Hemisphere. We will also be researching different holiday celebrations around the world starting with the country of Italy.

Support Professionals and Itinerant Teachers

In Speech and Language class, Mrs. King's student's continue to work on learning new vocabulary and practice using complete sentences when conversing with others, as well as other skills. -Talk to your children about what you are doing at home such as when you are cooking. Tell them which steps you do first, second, etc and what kitchen tools you are using. -Talk to your children about fun things you did as a family together in the past. See how much they remember and help them fill in the words/parts they don't remember. **Remember you are your child's first teacher! *

The Social Worker has started working in the 1st and 5th grade classrooms using the Second Step curriculum which focuses on helping students develop skills to get along with others, solve problems, manage emotions and succeed in school. The 1st grade classes have been working on the four listening rules: "eyes are watching, ears are listening, voice is quiet and body is still." The 5th grade students have been discussing what empathy means and ways to show respect. Please keep a lookout for the homelinks that students are given after each lesson to bring home to discuss and practice with family

Library Media Specialist: The Coleman Scholastic Book Fair will be taking place on Monday 12/12, Tuesday 12/13, and Thursday 12/15. Students will be able to go to the fair and purchase books during their scheduled Library classes. The fair will also be open after school on Monday 12/12 from 3:15 to 4:15. Mrs. Wing & Mrs. Q