Mrs. Nagel's Weekly Newsletter

Friday May 1st

Happy May!

We are winding down the school year and only have 4 weeks left! Please be sure to let us know of your school intentions for next year, if you have not already. It is very important to get your child re-registered before the end of school so we can reserve a spot in a 2nd grade classroom for them!

If you are still not sure, I recommend that you choose "registering" now, and you can change it at ANY time! This is to be sure that your student is not only registered for next year and teachers and students are placed where the needs are, but ensures that they will receive all materials in time before the start of school next year. It also allows you the opportunity to complete registration quickly with a couple clicks of a mouse and avoid all the paperwork it may require later.

More information can be found at

If you have ANY questions or what to discuss, please contact me.

Important! Please be sure to check your student's progress! It is important that they stay on-track according to suggested progress. (Please see the progress percentages below.) Your students are required to be in school until June 4th. This means attending classes and completing K12 lessons. Please look at your student's daily plan and progress and pace as needed. This may require doubling-up on some lessons to complete your goals or stretching the remaining lessons out. All students need to complete lessons and track attendance through June 4th.

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday May 10th! Here are some GREAT activities to check out.

In your Friday Folder this week!

Place Value worksheet
Cinco de Mayo book and resources
May Classroom Calendar

1st grade Class Connects May 4-8th

Monday- Monday Class at 11am or 1pm

Writing Class Connect at 11am or 1pm

Wednesday- Reading Group Class Connects (10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm)

Thursday -
1st WIN Class at 11am; Book Club at 1pm; Parent Meeting at 3pm

Friday - Individual, as needed

Progress Goal by Nest Week: Friday May 8th

September Starts:
Progress by Friday = at or around 90% in each course

October Starts:

Progress by Friday = at or around 76% in each course

November Starts:
Progress by Friday = at or around 63% in each course

January Starts:
Progress by Friday = at or around 40% in each course

Remember, these are progress goals meant to guide you and your child to stay on track throughout the year.

Please note these upcoming dates...

May 7th - End of Year Parent Meeting
May 14th - Sight Word Quick Checks for selected students only
May 15th - End of the Year Event, Highland Park, Bloomington
May 18-29 - Final Assessments & Conferences (TBD) All students
May25th - Memorial Day, No School
June 1st - Summer Kick-Off
June 4th - Last Day of School
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Mrs. Nagel's 1st grade Classroom Calendar

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MNVA Community Building Events

Check the website frequently for school events near you!
Click here to check the MNVA website and to register for events!

For more information and to register, click here >>>MNVA Community Building Events<<<
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Don't Forget about Storia!

MNVA's online school library! This is an exciting new opportunity that is available to every student in MNVA Elementary! Each of the books in the Storia library are ebooks and delivered to you through your computer and internet access. This wonderful school library is also accessible 24-7! There is no limit to how long you have a book and there are over 2,000 titles that are leveled and either fiction or nonfiction.

(Any time spent in Storia library will be counted towards the attendance requirements.)

I have sent each student a Kmail with their Username and Password in them. However, if you need me to resend or reset your password, please let me know!

Happy Reading!

Math Resources

Online Math Websites

Place Value: PlaceValue Hockey -
Gamequarium Place Value (tens and ones) -
Sheppards Software -

Rounding & Estimation:
Sheppards Software -
Cool Math/Math Nook -

Soft Schools -
IXL Math
Adapted Mind
Sheppards Software -
Study Island - Coins

IXL Math
Adapted Mind
Sheppards Software -


PBS Kids-
FunBrain -
IXL Math
Adapted Mind
Sheppards Software -
Study Island - Estimating Length

Addition & Subrtraction Facts
Sheppards Software -
Math Man
ABCya (word problems) -
Fact Families: Math Cats

Various Math skills practice:

IXL Math
Study Island
Sheppards Software
Adapted Mind
ict Games
AAA Math

Sight Word Resources

Click below for these websites...

Attendance Line (866) 215-2292, option#3, Extension #2199

Please call and report your student for any absences or missed school! Any day that is not reported may be considered unexcused.