Classroom Technology Expectations

High School Biology with Ms. Fredrickson


Students will use devices for classroom related tasks only and will use school appropriate website- no social media use unless otherwise allowed

Students will bring their own devices to each class. There will be some classes when students will be required to use tablets or laptops and not just cell phones.

If the school provides devices, students will follow school expectations for using those devices.

Students will understand school technology expectations and consequences for misuse. They will sign technology agreement at the beginning of the year.

Students will work quietly when assigned individual tasks. During group work, they must remain on topic and volume level must be maintained at an acceptable level.

Students will use two hands to hold laptops when moving. Walking in the classroom is always an expectation and students are to remain seated unless otherwise directed.

Water bottles/drinks must be set aside when using laptops or tablets, especially, when using school owned devices.

Students should ask a neighbor if they are confused about directions before asking the teacher, as permitted.

Students will raise their hands if they have a question or need assistance, after they have asked a neighbor.

Students will be asked to close laptop screens or flip devices screen down when directed. The teacher will give a warning of “screens down in 20 seconds”. Then countdown from 10 seconds. If the teacher needs student attention briefly, she will say “eyes up”.

The teacher will use proximity constantly to monitor appropriate technology use. Students who are off task will be redirected until they understand expectations.

Throughout the year, students will be taught research skills. They will learn ways to distinguish reliable sources unreliable sources.

Specific lessons at the beginning of the year will cover digital citizenship and will be retaught several times a year, especially after long breaks or issues.

Each lesson will have an alternative plan to be used when technology doesn’t work, when the whole class is unable to remained focused and when individuals lose privileges.