Arctic Biome

by Jaezon and Lawrence

Qikiqtaaluk Region

Ellesmer Island

  • You can backpack across Ellesmere Island , 600 miles from the North Pole.
  • You can see the landscape of deep fjords, calving tidewater glaciers, icebergs and tundra.
  • Quiet time and solitude, Its a good place to be alone.
  • Travel with biologists and naturalists to experience the thick billed murre, the northern fulmar,and the Blacked legged Kittiwake.


Dont forget to bring a coat

Tempratures run from 2 degrees F at highest, during the winter, and -9 F at the lowest

Cool animals

Relaxing and fun but cold, if you like that kind of stuff..... o3o

Human Enviromental Impacts

  • Most of the aquatic animal here are highly sensitive to potential oil spills in the Davis Strait shipping route
  • Increased cruise ship tourism could have environmental impacts on these animals
  • We need to stop shipping things to often and think of a better way to keep our oil in one place