Richard Smalley

Jacob Maynard

Come to Rice University in Houston Texas to hear Richard Smalley. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry for discovering the bucky ball.The bucky ball is a spherical molecules of a fullerene . Smalley wouldn't have found the bucky ball if it wasn't for the help from Robert Curl and Harold Kroto help. He will tell you about his life before he came to Rice University and about how Robert, Harold, and him the bucky ball and whats its done for Chemistry. He will also tell you that you should always fallow your dreams.

Friday, Feb. 28th 1997 at 9pm

6100 Main St

Houston, TX

come see Richard Smalley talk about the bucky ball and his Nobel Peace Prize that he got for discovering the bucky ball.

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Richard Smalley photo by rice Univerity

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