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Bus Lot and Car Duty: Please be on time for your duty! The reason for bus duty and car duty is to keep the students safe. If teachers are not there for duty or are not engaged in the supervision of students, the bus lot and car rider line can be dangerous. Students should not be on the grass hill or road. They must stay on the sidewalk until the bus doors are open and it is safe to cross the lot. Walker has been using Google Calendar to remind teachers of their duty. The 2 week duty schedule is always in the LT agenda and the BLC Update, so you get 3 reminders for your week of duty
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On December 21st, our district will be moving back to using only the IAM/NCEdCloud applications page. The applications page is currently used for SchoolNet, Canvas, NCEES, NCLOR and Student Portal.

PowerSchool and PowerTeacher will be active ONLY through the applications page in IAM/NCEdCloud beginning December 21st.

Links will be updated on the webpage to

Please make sure that you can access the IAM/NCEdCloud if you use any of the above mentioned applications in your position.

If you need a password reset, please contact Mr. Flury

Holiday Spirit Week

Let's Have Fun Next Week!

Holiday Spirit Week

  • Monday: Snowman Day/White out

  • Tuesday: Santa Hat Day

  • Wednesday: Holiday Socks and Tie Day

  • Thursday: Green and Red Day

  • Friday: Ugly Sweater Day

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and BBQ Lunch

Friday, December 18th is the day. Please sign-up to bring a dessert here.

Personal Learning Networks

Steven Anderson

Here is a link to Mr. Anderson's PLN (Personal Learning Network) session presentation.

He also sent great feedback to I-SS and you, the teachers:

"I wanted to pass long my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire team. It’s clear from my short time there today and in the conversations I had amazing things are happening and you have yourself and your team to thank for that. The vision and leadership that is laid out is clearly only going to benefit kids."

You can add him to your PLN by reading his blog and/or following him on Twitter.



Canvas Webinar-Add To Your Personal Learning Network

Announcing the Carolina Canvas Webcast beginning this Friday December 11th at 3:30 p.m. Eastern. It's the first in a series of weekly webinars just for Canvas users in North Carolina … most of whom are new to Canvas!

Our first topic will be the Rich Content Editor … a tool you will want to get to know well if you'll be teaching or working with Canvas. We'll quickly cover the basics, and show you some cool tricks you probably don't know. Join the webinar live to ask your questions and participate. (We'll have a Kahoot game for Canvas prizes at the end of the Webinar!) Then stay for ‘Ask Canvas,’ your chance to discuss anything Canvas related with the Canvas team and your colleagues elsewhere in the state. Can't make it? A recording will be made available following the Webcast.

For information, see the event listing on the event feed and the calendar on the North Carolina Users Community Web site (


PLCs on Tuesday

PLCs are cancelled for Tuesday, December 15th. This would be a great time to make sure your CFA scores are in the data spreadsheet. Or, to upload your second screencast, if you haven't done it.
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PBL Project

Lost in all of the big stories surrounding the NFL this year is that three games were actually played in London this season (the most recent was Detroit vs. Kansas City last month). This is part of the league's long-term effort to help American football catch-on with the rest of the world (over 10 regular season games in the past five years have been played overseas). So, your students will become advisors to the NFL commissioner and consider all of the issues involved. Is this a realistic goal, and what strategy should be used to help American football become a worldwide sport? Here's the link to the exercise:


Canvas: We will switch to the new User Interface at the end of Sem1. More info will be sent out to BLC's/IFs to share with users. Canvas info. can be found on the ISS webpage at Staff > Powerschool > last link on right side.

Professional Development

Apple PD Opportunity

  •  Documenting and Reflecting with iMovie: TNL #12861

Discover how to use the powerful features of iMovie to enhance personal learning by fostering digital

storytelling, creative collaboration, and reflective sharing.

ONE 3-hour session at ONE location

  • January 19, 2016: 1:00-4:00 @ ADR SD2 (a workday)

  •  Making Data Meaningful with Numbers : TNL#12859

Learn how to build meaning from data and display it in compelling ways by using built-in calculation tools,

interactive charts, tables, and other expressive media.

ONE 3-hour session at ONE location

  • January 20, 2016: 8:30-11:30 @ADR SD2 (workday)

Food For Thought

Just For Fun

I Make a Difference Because

This is the video that was playing as you came into the opening session of the summit on Wednesday's ERPD.

99 Reasons Teachers Rock: 36-40

36. 1% of teachers entered the field “accidentally” according to an NEA poll.

37. From paper towel rolls to cell phones, teachers can turn almost anything into a teaching tool.

38. We have the ability to hold the attention of a room full of children for an entire day! The best performers in the world! ~ Amy Long Holmes

39. Teachers will shamelessly demonstrate their school spirit.

40. Principals in the UK are called headmasters, which is kind of bada** (not as much when it’s the female headmistress).

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