Neonatal Nursing

Savanna Akins

How to become a neonatal nurse

1: Graduate from an accredited school of nursing

before becoming a neonatal nurse you must be a rn

-Complete a diploma program

-Earn a associates degree

-Earn a bachelors degree

-pass national council licensure exam

2:Gain experience in pediatrics and neonatal care

-Working in pediatrics

-Working in the well baby nursery

3:Become certified

-low risk

-Neonatal intensive care

-Neonatal nurse practitioner

-Neonatal pediatric transport

Other required qualifications

-licensed registered nurse

-Neonatal certification

Other infromation

Description of occupation

-Provide complete care for babies (monitor their health, attend deliveries, take care of babies born with drug addictions, born premature or born with std

Average wage or salary

- $22.44~$43.43 an hour

- $46,957~$92,697 a year

Employment outlook

-projected to grow 19% from 2012 to 2022

Places where you could work

- nicus and hospitals

More information

Opportunities for advancement

-unit manger

-head nurse

-director of nursing

-chief nurse

Similar occupations

-ultrasound technician


-labor & delivery nurse