Marine Biologist

By: Allyson Wickwire #30


A Marine Biologist studies the origins, behavior, genetics, diseases and processes of organisms like plants and animals. Marine Biology is the study of fish and other living organisms in their environment. Some of Marine biologists work in labs and offices also in water.Marine biology has more then one field. They have animal behaviorist, ecologist, zoologist, naturalist and many others. They research the ocean currents and also how it affects the plants and animals living there.

They also you some different tools in Marine Biology. Some examples of tools that they use are: computer, scuba gear, telescopes and microscope, a GPS, satellites, various bottles, grabbers for sampling off of the bottom, succssion plates, quadrants,trawls, thermometers, bathythermograph, hydrometer, salinometer, oxygen probes, chemical test kits, dye, surveying equipment, sounder, fathometers and more.

Marine Biologists with higher levels of education get paided higher then those with lower levels. To be a Marine Biologist you much have a Bachelor’s Degree, but to be able to conduct your own research you will need to obtain a Master’s Degree. The classes you must take to be a Marine biologist include classes such as, biology, zoology, physics, and mathematics. English is another class that you wouldn’t expect to have too much of for marine biology, but English is very important.

The Annual Salary for a Marine Biologist range from $33,550 to $90,850.