9/11 Memorial Project

Gifted and Talented Enrichment - Newton 4

Remembering September 11th, 2001

Recent interviews with families that lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 revealed it was of the utmost importance to them that the children of today, and the children of our future, be educated about the events of that day. These families don't want the focus to be on the hurt, horror, and loss of those events - but more so the healing, heroics, and love of the actions of people around the world.

I approach our Patriot Day unit with great sensitivity using Dan Brown's book, America Is Under Attack and "60 minutes" segments featuring the design and construction of the 9/11 Museum. Your students were fascinated with the personal stories and I hope they are eager to design and build a memorial or museum piece as their end of unit project. I'm so sad that we won't be able to do this together in class, but our new rotation has now made this an independent, at home project.

Please visit the Voices of September 11th website with your student and view the memorials that have been created across our country to honor the events of 9/11. You also might want to look at other well known memorials here. Once your student has a feel for the different types of memorials that are designed and created I would like them to design and create their own memorial to remember 9/11.

Design and create a memorial that captures the "healing, heroics, and love of the actions of people around the world" affected by 9/11.
The memorial should be school appropriate and sensitive - no burning buildings, etc.

*Design - you should brainstorm ideas, sketch, lists supplies, and thoughts in your Writer's Notebook. Consider the places - New York, Pentagon, Shanksville, PA. Consider the people - those that died, those that survived, families that lost someone, were there children, women, parents, grandparents? Try to be specific to whom or what your memorial is memorializing.
*Create - means build. Be creative: Legos, clay, painting, cans, straws, Styrofoam, buttons, clothing, anything!

Mrs. Hartmann - can I . . . .
Above are the only directions you are receiving. Please DO NOT come to me and ask if you can do "this" or if you can do "that". I'm doing this purposefully, so you will learn to think critically and work with your own ideas! Think and then trust yourself.

Due Date: Friday, September 26th.


Yes! These are actual words and your kids know their meanings! Ask them or look in their Writer's Notebook! Each student has their own Writer's Notebook - this is the most important tool in our classroom. Inside you will find weekly collections of "25 cent" words, brainstorming ideas, drawings, rough drafts, and more. Although it is imperative that notebooks are neat and legible - they should also be COLORFUL and CREATIVE! Check out Amelia's Notebook as an example. Every month a 'Duck'tastic Writer will be selected to receive the coveted DUCK OF THE MONTH award.

August Duck of the Month is Logan!

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