Welcome to Anthony's Open House

Mrs.Smith 6th Grade Earth Science

About Earthquake PBL Project

The PBL project was a fun project. We cooperated in order to build a house for Tony Stark if he moves here to California. We built a house using popsicle sticks, clay, toothpicks, and straws to build the house. We had to plan and make sure our house could withstand an earthquake.

30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project taughtme many things. The project taught me about what and how pollution is caused. The project also made me be able to learn about how we contribute to the cause of climate change and global warming.
30 Hand Proj. Video

Video for 30 Hands Project

Invention Covention

The Invenion Convention was fun. Me and my teammates worked together to build something. We made something called the Ocean Cleanser AKA the Sucker. We had a fun and great time working on this project.