My True Colors

Christopher Hammond 1st hour


Childhood is about having fun and not having to do work. Just playing with toys/outside, pets, and watching your favorite cartoons.


Friends are important and should go second behind family. Its probably impossible to get through life without relationships.


I don't like paperwork unless i'm into it. I guess i don't mind actual work that doesn't involve writing.

Leadership Style

I don't like being a leader that much, but i do like being second in command and if I am leader, i will give a friend equivalent power as I have. Now for the style, I would try and make friends with everybody so that they trust my judgement a lot better then they would not knowing a thing about me. I would be honest and straight up.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

When nothing is going you way, running late for work, forgot everyday items at home/work and personal issues as well, like how recent they happened would effect your day.