National Hispanic Heritage Month


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What is National Hispanic Heritage Month? Why we celebrate it?

"With a population of more than 60.6 million, equivalent to 18.5% of the entire population of the United States, Latinos and our culture are increasing in everyday life and popular culture through music, food, dance but we also find it in science, art, economics, politics and other fields.

Latinos have contributed, and continue to contribute, exponentially, to the development of the United States, and that is why, year after year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated.

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history and countless contributions that Latinos have made to the nation over the years. This month we also honor the cultural richness of Hispanics, who come from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean."

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LOTE Department's Celebration Events 2023

The World Languages & Cultures Department (LOTE) will be sponsoring 3 District-Wide Events

EVENT # 1: "Excellence in Education Award 2023"

Nominate a full-time Hispanic Educator who works in an Elementary, Middle, or High School at GPISD, that have made an extraordinary and positive contribution to their school communities. Nominations may be submitted by any GPISD staff, parents/legal guardians, or students.

EVENT # 2: "GPISD Students' Essay Contest 2023"

This writing contest is open to all students attending any GPISD school in grades 7th to 12th.

“Our Story: One of family, patriotism, hard work, ingenuity, and pride in the country we’ve all built together” . American Latinos are veterans, artists, athletes, business leaders–active participants in every walk of life. Latino communities have been an integral part of America since well before the founding of this great nation.


In Spanish, “mi gente” literally translates to “my people”. “Mi gente” is used to refer to a group of people you strongly identify with. It can refer to your family, your friends, your community, and those who support and make up your identity. Your people can be those who fill you with courage, resilience, passion, strength, empathy, love, and acceptance. Please reflect on who you think of as “mi gente”. Who makes up “your people”? How do they help you in being more courageous, resilient, passionate, strong, and empathetic? How does your “gente” teach you about love and acceptance? In addition, how do you help your “gente” in strengthening those attributes? What else have you learned from your “gente” or how else have they helped you or you them?

*Non-Hispanic students interested in participating on the contest, will write about the same topic, but from a 3rd person point of view and integrating their personal experiences with the Hispanic People and Culture.

EVENT # 3: "2nd GPISD Spanish Spelling Bee"

During the National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023, Secondary Level Campuses will celebrate their local Competitions. Winners will pass to the Final Competition. Additional details will be sent via email.

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Vamos a Celebrar! GPISD: School Events

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If you are celebrating a special activity or event at your campus, share it with us!

*You could share the flyer to invite your school community.

*You could send some 3-5 pictures and a short description, after the event. This will motivate others to join the celebration and do something at their schools.