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Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc.

In 2016, SUNY Ulster President Dr. Alan P. Roberts and the Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc. (UCCF) formed a dynamic scholarship program created to support first-generation college-bound students. This scholarship is made possible through the support of community donors, including a foundational administrative start from President Emeritus Dr. Robert T. Brown to whom the President's Challenge Scholarship (PCS) Program was dedicated in 2017.

Additional scholarship grant support came in 2018 from the Johnson Scholarship Foundation (JSF) from West Palm Beach, Florida as well as Rich and Donna Croce who have donated more than $100,000 to this scholarship and who sponsor 16 students.

Most recently, PCS was the recipient of a $1,000,000 endowment from SUNY Ulster's champion and most prolific donor, Ms. Darlene L. Pfeiffer. In the fall of 2021, JSF also pledged additional financial support for both student scholarships and program administration in the amount of almost $400,000 over five years bringing the foundation's total support to just under $500,000!

We envisioned a scholarship that reaches all nine school districts in Ulster County - and we have accomplished that outreach. Today, we are looking for you! Can you help us grow our donor community in support of these students who are would-be first-in-family to graduate from college? Below, please find some basic information about UCCF and this program. We would like very much to meet with you and discuss any opportunity you may have to help us reach more students that could benefit from the mentorship and college readiness support provided by the PCS Program.

Please click on the link below to learn more.

Meet Our President's Challenge Students!

Student Eligibility - Requirements to Apply:

  • First-generation, college-bound students
  • 80% cumulative GPA in eighth grade
  • 75% cumulative GPA in four core classes (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) through mid-April
  • 85% or higher attendance in school
  • Minimal discipline infractions
  • Preference is given to students with economic need.

Student Experience - Mentoring and College Readiness Skills

In addition to receiving a two-year tuition-free scholarship to attend SUNY Ulster, recipients are also partnered with a PCS College Mentor (comprised of members of SUNY Ulster's Enrollment and Success Center team). Mentors work closely with students throughout their high school career to keep them motivated and on the college-bound track.

Students will participate in activities on the SUNY Ulster campus, at their school district, and online to support their college readiness skills. Students will also have a chance to connect with their sponsors at each on-campus event.

How You Can Help:

Thank you for perusing this PCS Opportunity Link! We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your potential sponsorship of a PCS Student. We are happy to work with banks, businesses, and corporations to profile your participation in this program and we have a poster that can be printed to share with your community.

We can structure your annual contributions so that due dates correspond with your budget processes and commitment schedules. Below are our basic sponsorship opportunities.

We Are SOLD out for June 2022 Awards and at 52% capacity for June 2023 PCS Sponsorships!

Please consider joining our community by supporting this important SUNY Ulster scholarship program.

Below, please note some of your friends and other community members supporting students in this program this year, next year, and last year!

Thanks to the donors below, we are at 26 of 50 scholarships committed, or 52% of our goal and to support 50 students next year! Kicking us off for our (2023-24) PCS Scholarship Sponsorships (Awarding in June 2023) are:

1. Jean Lerner (Sponsor of 5 students - 1 annually!)

2. Rudy and the late Joyce Hellenschmidt (Sponsor of 5 students!) [Endowing 1 student per year!]

3. Johnson Scholarship Foundation

4. Johnson Scholarship Foundation

5. Johnson Scholarship Foundation

6. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (sponsor of 23 students in total)

7. Saugerties Kiwanis

8. Saugerties Kiwanis

9-10. Glenn Sutherland and Cynthia Lowe (Endowed Sponsor of 3rd and 4th students

11. Anna and Ken Brett (Sponsor of 2nd students)

12. Allan Stein (Sponsor of 2nd Student)

13. Richard and Gillian Murphy (Sponsors of 4 Students)

14. Floyd Lattin (Sponsor of 5 Students)

15. Hayes Clement (Sponsor of 3 Students)

16. Victoria St. John Gilligan (Sponsor of 2 Students)

17. Dan Proctor and Dale Robbins (Sponsors of 3 Students)

18. Mary Anna Cusick (NEW Sponsor)

19. Rondavid Gold and Carol Super Gold (NEW Sponsors)

20. Steve MacDonald & Priscilla Derven (Sponsors of 2 Students)

21. The Ferriday Fund

22. The Ferriday Fund

23. The Ferriday Fund

24. The Ferriday Fund

25. Stephen and Susan Hirsch (Sponsors of 3 Students)

26. Alison Buckley, Ed. D. & Mark Evans, Ph.D. (NEW Sponsors)

Thanks to the donors below, we are at 50 of 50 scholarships committed, or 100% of our goal and we will support 50 students this year!

1. Jean Lerner (Sponsor of 5 students!)

2. Subak Family Foundation (Sponsor of 8 students!)

3. Subak Family Foundation

4. Subak Family Foundation

5. Subak Family Foundation

6. Subak Family Foundation

7. Rudy and the late Joyce Hellenschmidt (Sponsor of 4 students!)

[Endowing 1 student per year!]

8. Rich and Donna Croce (Rainmakers and Sponsors of 16 students!)

9. Katie and Andrew Zell - (First Sponsorship - Welcome!)

10. Kiwanis of Saugerties

11. Robin (Rob) '79 and Audrey Hunter '80 - Welcome NEWEST Alumni Sponsors!

12. Floyd Lattin (Sponsor of 5 students!)

13. The Hill Family (4th sponsorship) -Joed Enterprises, Inc. In Honor of Dr. Larry Barrett

14. Olana and Joe O'Connor, Esq. (Rainmakers and Sponsors of 5 students!)

15. Robert Tonner and Harris Safier (Sponsor of 2 Students)

16. Skit Rabbino (NEW Sponsor! - Thank you!)

17. Richard and Gillian Murphy (Sponsors of 4 students)

18. Richard and Gillian Murphy

19. Sawyer Savings Bank

20. Derek J. Spada, Esq. and Rana Spada (NEW Sponsor! - Thank you!)

21. Susan and Stephen Hirsch (Sponsor of 2 students)

22. Cameron and Margaret Bonner (NEW Sponsor! - Thank you!)

23. Ruth Gale Realty/Alfred Peavy (Sponsor of 2 Students)

24. Karen and Howard Osterhoudt (NEW Sponsor! - Thank you!)

25. The Flag Guys (NEW Sponsor Marlboro! - Thank you!)

26. The Flag Guys (NEW Sponsor Wallkill! - Thank you!)

27. Anonymous New Paltz

28. George and Cathy Sifre (Third Sponsorship!)

29. Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan (NEW Sponsor - Wallkill!)

30. Patty Curry (Third Sponsorship!)

31. IMO Harold Bonavita-Goldman (2nd Sponsorship by John Bonavita-Goldman)

32. Ronald Augustine & Eileen Katatsky (NEW Sponsor- Kingston! Thank you!)

33. Keegan Army IMO Tommy Keegan III (NEW Sponsor - Kingston -Thank you!)

34. Rachel & Bruce Jackson (NEW Co-Sponsor - Onteora! Thank you!)

35. Janet Vincent (NEW Sponsor - Rondout! Thank you!)

36. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (Sponsors of 19 students to date)

37. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (Sponsors of 19 students to date)

38. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (Sponsors of 19 students to date)

39. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (Sponsors of 19 students to date)

40. Johnson Scholarship Foundation (Sponsors of 19 students to date)

41. New Paltz Rotary (Sponsors of 4 students)

42. Peter and Stacy Sindt (NEW Sponsor - Rondout -Thank you!)

43. Craig Siegel & Rebekah Sale (NEW Sponsor - Marlboro -Thank you!)

44. Joe and Katie Ferraro (Sponsor of 2nd student in Saugerties! Thank you!)

45. Elna Magnetics (Sponsor of 2nd student in Saugerties - Thank you!)

46. Yvonne Merck & Rich Gillette (NEW Sponsor - Thank you!)

47. Jill Ammerata & Peter Calatozzo (NEW Co-Sponsor - Rondout -Thank you!)

48. Laura Shearer and Joseph Patterson (NEW Sponsor - Highland -Thank you!)

49. In Memory of Arthur R. DeGasperis (NEW by the DeGasperis Family)

50. Kevin and Dee Dee Pitcock - Peak Trading Corp.(NEW Sponsor - Saugerties - Thank you!)

Below is our SOLD OUT Donor Leadership Society from 2021-22:

  1. Jean Lerner

  2. Robert Jacobsen, Esq. & Carly Jacobsen

  3. Kathleen Cloonan & Bill Cloonan, Esq.

  4. DeGasperis Family

  5. Floyd Lattin

  6. EdTom Enterprises, LLC (The Hill Family)

  7. Meltzer & Hill Wealth Advisory

  8. Rudy & the late Joyce Hellenschmidt in Honor of the Bennett Elementary Staff Past and Present

  9. Richard and Gillian Murphy

  10. Subak Family Foundation

  11. Subak Family Foundation

  12. Subak Family Foundation

  13. Rondout Savings Bank

  14. Rondout Savings Bank

  15. Rondout Savings Bank

  16. Susan & Steven Hirsch

  17. Saugerties Kiwanis Club

  18. First Dreamer Scholarship: Victoria Coyne, Donna Elberg and Darlene Villanueva

  19. Dr. Ann Markes and Dr. Matthew Kane in memory of Robert J. Markes Jr.

  20. Jackie Schechter

  21. Sawyer Savings Bank

  22. Rich & Donna Croce

  23. Rich & Donna Croce

  24. Rich & Donna Croce

  25. Rich & Donna Croce

  26. Rich & Donna Croce

  27. Darlene Bover & Robert Mance

  28. New Paltz Rotary Club

  29. Christopher Mikesh, Esq. & Zachary Bowman

  30. Erika & Tim Brown

  31. Mike & Jane Beck and the George Devine Fund

  32. Olana O’Connor & Joseph O’Connor, Esq.

  33. Steve MacDonald & Priscilla Derven

  34. Ronald & Jill Barton

  35. The Moss Oak Scholarship - Anonymous

  36. The Moss Oak Scholarship - Anonymous

  37. The Sara Swan Miller and Peter Graves Scholarship - Dr. Martin Miller

  38. Ulster County Board of Realtors

  39. Hudson Valley Catskill Region Multiple Listing Service

  40. Irwin Rosenthal and Doris Goldberg

  41. Joe & Linda Previll

  42. Ruth Gale Realty/Alfred Peavy

  43. Elke Zuern and Sumedha Senanayake

  44. Jaime & Darren Klein

  45. Hayes Clement

  46. H. Neil Zimmerman

  47. Mary Etta Schneider

  48. Proctor Robbins, LLC

  49. Open Doors Scholarship: Victoria Gardens

  50. Dreamers Scholarship: Ilene Cutler/Paula Lockshon, Maggie Anderson, and Lorraine Salmon

Thank you for helping us to reach our goal to reach 50 students across Ulster County for 21-22! We have awarded 50 scholarships to deserving 8th-grade students each spring!

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PCS Leadership Society

Click on the link below to see our levels of giving within PCS by donor and by school district and to acknowledge your friends and peers in the community who are supporting our students.

PCS Leadership Society

Click here to see our levels of giving within PCS.

Please Reach Us Here to Become a Donor:

We thank you in advance for your consideration. Please let us know which board director, friend, or PCS donor introduced you to us. We look forward to answering your questions and welcoming you to our foundation community. Together, we will do great things.

You can change a life. Please click on the link below to reach us now!

Our Board of Directors

Laurel Sweeney, Chair

John A. DeGasperis, Esq.Vice Chair

Barbara Cohen, Secretary

Floyd Lattin, Treasurer

Alison Buckley, Ed.D., President, SUNY Ulster

Bryant “Drew” Andrews

John Bonavita-Goldman, M.D.

Cheryl D. Bowers

Bill Calderara

Kathleen K. Cloonan

Alicia Collins

Scott Davis, P.E.

Tamika Dunkley

Nancy Huleatt

Rachel Jackson

Robert R. Jacobsen, Esq.

Christopher Mikesh, Esq.

Dennis A. O’Brien

Olana O’Connor

Karen Osterhoudt

Darlene L. Pfeiffer

Dale Robbins

Victoria St. John-Gilligan

Robert Tonner

Kathleen Zell, CPA

Directors Emeriti

Richard A. Anthony

Robert T. Brown

William H. Collier, III

Richard C. Croce

Daniel J. Devine

Beverly Finnegan

Richard A. Mantey

Dr. Ann M. Marrott

John M. Markes

Sara T. Rabbino

Richard V. Roth

David H. Rylance

Lorraine Salmon

William L. Spearman

Glenn B. Sutherland