Summertime Sharing

by Nikki Grimes


The theme of this poem is to put other's wants and needs before your own and be a good friend. The author developed this theme by explaining how the girl seemed upset, but was uplifted later on after she received ice cream from her friend.




"Me and my fast feet are there and back in just two shakes." This metaphor explains her momentum of getting the ice cream and delivering it back to Danitra.

"Her teeth flash in one humongous grin" This metaphor shows Danitra's immediate smile after getting the popsicle.

Tone/Speaker's Attitude

The speaker is concerned for Danitra towards the beginning, though when she made Danitra happy, she felt happy too

Colors reflection on mood

The flowery and bright color scheme i used reflect a light and happy mood. Also, the setting of the poem takes place outside so I used flowers in the backround.