Samuel Adams

By Arnav Saxena


Samuel Adams was an American who supported its independence. He was born in 1722, and he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He became a politician, and helped the then-colonial America become an independent country in the American Revolution, the fight for the U.S.'s freedom from Britain.


Adams was a Patriot- someone who supported the idea of independence from Britain. He was also a politician and a leader. He formed several societies, such as the Committee of Correspondence or the Sons of Liberty. The Committee of Correspondence was a way to get news around the colonies, and the Sons of Liberty was a group of Patriots. He also organized the Boston Tea Party, which was an event to protest British taxes by dumping tea into Boston Harbor.


Samuel Adams was born in 1722. He graduated from Harvard College in 1740. In 1776, America declared its independence, and in 1803, Samuel Adams passed away.


Samuel Adams grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. During the war, he travelled to several other colonies, such as Virginia. After the war was over, Adams went back to Boston, and he stayed there till his death.


Samuel Adams was a strong believer of self-discipline and independence. He was also a strong Patriot, which gave him the determination to fight for independence. Without him, America would probably be a part of Britain today.