Quantum Computing

and visible light waves

Quantum Computing

All traditional computers power is measured by the amount of transistors, how quickly they can operate, and how many things they can do per cycle. Transistors are small electric switches that can either be on (1) or off (0) and make up binary code. Modern computers have billions of small transistors (as small as 14nm) that can operate at up to 5GHz. In the CPU, the brains of a computer, requests are made to all other components transistors to change states. The computers can only be either 1 or 0 in these computers though. Quantum computers are basically faster exponentially to the second power in looking at the power from transistor to transistor. The difference comes from the way the transistors are built and operate. The standard transistors only have two possibilities, on and off, they are essentially light switches. Quantum computers use particles as transistors, and quantum mechanics show that these particles can be two states at once because they are not in any one state until they are forced to be, like when you flip a coin it is both heads and tails while it is spinning. Also these quantum computers are more efficient in storing transistor gates, so a computer we would consider a super computer today could fit into an iPhone.

This type of technology could not be possible without manipulation of visible light. Usually, light waves pass through each other without doing effecting one another, but in 2013, scientist at the Vienna University of Technology have found ways to get photons to react strongly with one another, making this technology possible. Since then, quantum computers have become a very real thing. Right now they take up entire warehouses, as they are unstable and such like tradition transistor computers once were, but that hasn't stopped Google and the NSA from launching their own.

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Quantum Computing Gates, Inputs, and Outputs

The picture above shows a traditional computer circuit gate and a quantum computer circuit gate.

The traditional sends electric signals though a series of gates.

The quantum computer sends light through a series of photon routers and particles.

Light Waves

Light waves are waves that have a wavelength ranging from 430 trillion Hz to 750 trillion Hz seated between Infrared Waves and UV Rays. The least powerful to the most powerful light waves are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (which is or is not a color depending on who you ask), violet.