Guided Math Bootcamp Las Vegas

Guided Math featuring Make and Take Workstations

Getting Started and Getting Better with Leveled Workstations

It's finally here! An intensive, engaging, useful workshop where you will learn to plan for and implement Guided Math and also make a sample leveled fluency and word problem workstation. You will get starter kits for each of these stations and the initial assessments for each to know how to initially place your students. We will discuss and explore how to use the framework of concrete, pictorial and abstract throughout your workstations so that you scaffold understanding. During the workshop you will physically build and learn how to use the leveled workstations. You will learn how to plan, implement and assess Guided Math Groups. Come and get your math on!

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Who: Grades K-5

When: February 15th & 16th 2018

Time: Registration starts at 7:30am, Conference begins at 8:30am, Ends at 3:30pm.

Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Las Vegas Airport

7250 Pollock Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119

What: A Guided Math Workshop featuring Make and Take Workstations!

Why: Because guided math is proven to raise student success. Math Workstations provide a framework for purposeful practice. You will get AN AMAZING LEVELED WORKSTATION STARTER KIT so that you can start planning for leveled, differentiated, engaging, standardard-based, rigorous, engaging workstations throughout the year!

Cost: $399 includes a leveled word problem and fluency workstation starter kit

Early Bird Registration by January 2nd: $359

Day pass is $299 per day.

1 Administrator is free with every 3 participants.

*We take PO's. Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we do in the workshop?

We will discuss guided math groups and fluency and word problems workstations in depth. We will look at and discuss assessments that help to determine where students should start work and how to monitor it throughout the year. We will discuss how to fill gaps so that students can achieve grade level standards.

What will we get in the kit?

You will get a starter kit with leveled activities for fluency at your grade level.

You will get a starter kit with leveled activities for word problems at your grade level.

What other resources will be available?

You will get a mini-handbook, a dice kit and access to a variety of digital resources.

Ten Reasons to Participate

Top 10 Reasons to participate include:

  1. Learning how to plan for, implement and assess Guided Math Groups
  2. Learning ways to level workstations
  3. Discussing the fluency continuums
  4. Exploring the word problem continuums
  5. Developing activities to teach according to the continuums for fluency
  6. Developing activities to teach according to the continuums for word problems
  7. Talking about how this fits into the overall math workshop model
  8. Managing how this works with your current curriculum
  9. Managing student accountability
  10. Planning to effectively organize and monitor student progress

Your Presenter: Dr. Nicki Newton

Dr. Nicki Newton is a international math consultant who works with teachers, coaches, administrators and students to make math come alive. She has written Guided Math in Action, Math Workshop in Action, Math Running Records in Action, Problem Solving in Action (k-2 and 3-5), Math Workstations in Action (3-5), Daily Math Routines in Action (in press) and Kindergarten in Action (in press) and a workbook series of Problem Solving with Math Models. She is also an avid blogger, tweeter and pinner.
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