Important Event Info!

BIG weekend ahead!

Hello all!

If you are receiving this note from me it's because you are presently scheduled to be a part of trailer crew for Friday night (North Penn Football Game) or Saturday night (Upper Dublin Competition). Fingers crossed for a "normal" weekend of events where things like rain, lightning, excessive heat or lack of stadium do not get in they way of our FUN!


Event Crew: Russ Miller, Ralph Ingolgia, John Filips, Andy Morey, Greg Teitel, Russ Harding, Allison and Mark Wetzel. (Russ Harding meeting us at NP)

Arrival Time: 430pm (I know Jason's note says 5pm but there's lots to do and that leaves little time to get it all done without feeling stressed).

3rd Quarter Food: presently undetermined. I'm hoping to have some suggestions tossed my way and for someone to step up and coordinate this effort. Needs include food for crew (9) and staff (7) and often include visiting band staff for roughly 20 people. This is not all on one person but shared amongst all of us. Suggestions? Please contact me ASAP.


Event Crew: Russ Miller, Ralph Ingolgia, Tom Mershon, Charlie Pertain, Brad Maxwell, Rich Gale, Andy Morey, Tim Rody, Jim Connor

Arrival Time: 2:30PM

Food: Competitions can be tricky depending upon when we perform, how many bands, etc. The past few competitions we have been able to arrive, compete, pack-up trailers, have students change out of uniform and return to stadium, and then we eat. I am "assuming" we can do the same thing for this event. Same as above...I'm looking for suggestions for Saturday night. This is likely going to be "just" trailer crew since staff will typically be provided food and/or will be needing to return to the event. Total Crew at this point (10).


Clothing: if you have it please wear your red polo band parent shirt. If you'd like to purchase one, please contact Lynda Kingsbury (uniform room) prior to the event. Beyond that dress accordingly with the weather report: shorts/jeans. I am hearing of a slight chance of rain showers Saturday night so you may want to bring a light rain jacket or I will have lightweight ponchos available if we get stuck under a cloud! Also...prepare accordingly for the weather to cool down as the night goes along. I know I sound like "Ma-Griffin" but I only own so many sweat shirts that I can loan out!

Gloves: highly recommended that you obtain a pair of high dexterity gloves to protect your hands. These are available at Kmart, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes or most hardware stores. It's not necessary but it also never fails that you pinch a finger if you aren't wearing them and bleeding in the trailer is not allowed!

FIRST TIME CREW: if you are new to the trailer crew -- no worries! We have a mix of veteran and first timers this weekend. We are very fortunate in that we have developed a rather precise routine which allows for anybody to come on board and help us out with little fear of feeling out of place. Relax...we will teach you everything you need to know. When we meet up prior to the events I will introduce myself and help teach you all you need to know to help us out.

TRANSPORTATION: We typically have 2 vehicles regularly going to events that can hold a total of 9 people. If someone would like to volunteer a 3rd vehicle and spread out the group to be more comfortable that is fine. Other options would be for a couple of crew to travel on the school buses. Our biggest challenge will be Saturday night with 10 crew and 9 seats.

Contact Info: Jeff Griffin


Cell: 215-801-0484