Escape Plan

By Andres Beteta


  1. Organize a time to escape when the overseer is not paying attention, preferably at night, to avoid being caught and flogged.
  2. When the moment is right, escape the peculiar institution and run away North to Canada, using the North Star and migrating birds as a reference to the right direction.
  3. In order to escape from the Black Belt, where the majority of Blacks are in the south, efficiently and without being noticed, run by a few rivers to avoid your scent from being tracked by dogs.
  4. If you hear the term "darkies" by white men in your journey, do not trust them, as it is highly likely they will turn you in if they see you.
  5. Travel to trustful people houses willing to help you and are apart of the underground railroad, which are a connection of houses that help slaves greatly on their journey North to Canada.
  6. While using the underground railroad, you will visit many cities up North, such as Cleveland, and you will need to blend in with the crowd to avoid suspicion that you are a runaway.
  7. Do not ever plan to revolt or kill, such as what Denmark Vesey ad Nat Turner did, and it will never end well. The best option is to reach Canada peacefully.
  8. Once you reach Lake Erie, take a boat by a trustful person and you will reach Canada and be free as long as you live.