Pilgramage to Jamacia

Lauryn Anderson

Jamcia , Trench town

Trench Town lies in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica's capital. Despite the area's extreme poverty and underdevelopment, this rough neighborhood has emerged as one of the most famous ghettos in the world.

My Goal

I want to travel to Jamaica and help build schools and give kids the education they deserve even if they don't have the money . Staying For three years , Arriving towards the end of winter and coming back three years later towards the end of fall.

The training I will need

Getting my teaching Degree (30,000) and counseling degree (40,000)

Transportation and what I will need to get out there

Plane to get there which is 500 dollars and then a car to get place to place which is 4,000 dollars.To get there ill need My Degree certification, Passport, i.d, And a temporary id for Jamaica which will be around 230 dollars.

Fellow Travelers

I will pay a translator to come out there and stay with me which will be around 45,430 per year. I will take at least 30 more teachers with counseling degrees with me as well.

As far as food and water go

I’ll need around 40,000 dollars to feed not only me but the kids that will go to my school. I will also need 70,000 for water, that includes the water that me and the children will drink and bathing water.

Anticipated challenges and Thing that might be a problem is

Finding teachers that will go with me without physically being paid.Emotional toll,shortage of food and water and the crime rate is very high.

Final Total