Easter Island

Rapa Nui

Famous Moai statues


Easter Island is located southeast of the Pacific Ocean. It is a 63 square mile island that is 2200 miles off the coast of Chile.


Easter island is a very small, green, treeless island. Not very many people visit this island but it is beautiful place. This island is very famous for its marvolus, large statues called Moai statues. This land is also a volcanic orgin. It is made up of mostly volcanic rock. In fact Easter Island itself is a single giant volcano!


People began to settle in Easter Island around 700 C.E..  However the island was discoverd in 400 A.D. by the Polynesians. The man that discoved this island happen to discover the isalnd on Easter day that is the reason why it is called Easter Island. During the 700s C.E. there was constant welfare between different tribes.

Sacred to Polynesians

Easter Island is sacred to the Polynesians and the Native Rapa Nui Nation. People say that the spiritual presents of the Rapa Nui is still there today. They say that this presents of the Rapa Nui is at the top of  some sacred volcanos.

Why is it sacred to Polynesians?

The island is sacred to the Polynesians because there is a lot of cultural land.  There is also a lot of unknown history through out the island. The statues hold a lot of ancient secrets, this is another reason why Easter Island is sacred to the Polynesians. The statues in the land are said to be the sancuaries of the Rapa Nui nation.