Tropical Moist Forest

By Geoffrey Chege, Latrell

what is a tropical moist forest?

Tropical moist forest is a area of tress and wet moist climaxes. Tropical forest have very weird weather it rains often and then the sun come out and its vary hot. The tropical forest is every unpredictable so the animals have adapted to the changes.


In the tropical moist forests there are millions of insects types but because of the major problem of deforestation we are losing them.

Because of the more increased demand of timber and farmland people have destroyed more than half of the forests and the habitats they provide for the animals.


complex life in the forest

Life in the forest is very hard on everything that lives there. The bipolar weather the insects, mammals, and araneae's they have adapted. The forest can change the look of animals from if they lived in the desert. Animals developed camouflage like to hid them self from danger and also to hunt. Things like snakes and spiders, bird, bugs, and even mammals all used camouflage. they adapted to where they lived to survive.