North Elementary Re-entry Plan

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A Message from the Principal

Hello Families!

We are finally going to be able to work with your children in person. I appreciate the patience you have shown as we have worked together to do the best we can to make whatever learning environment work. You can look at the district plan by following this ink: District Reentry Plan

Due to COVID 19, the changes that affect students at Stepping Stones Preschool are:

  • In person learning begins Oct. 19
  • Your child will attend school in person on either Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday. (Teachers should have communicated with you about the days your child will attend.
  • Your child will have remote at home learning via the Chromebook and family based activities on Wednesday, and either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday.
  • All students will have their temperature checked prior to riding the bus or upon entering the school building.
  • All students must wear a mask: if there is a medical concern that inhibits student from wearing a mask contact the health office to discuss further.
  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed in the buildings.
  • All awards and ceremonies will be virtual.
  • Ensure that the school has updated contact information for you.
Your child's teacher will be informing you of your child's in-person and virtual learning days (Cohort A or B). Cohort A will attend in person on Monday and Tuesday and virtually the other days, and Cohort B will attend in person on Thursday and Friday and virtually the other days. Students will be bringing their Chromebook to and from school to do assignments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child's teacher, or the school at 575-812-5400.

We are so excited to begin in person learning!

Mrs. Sandra Johnson


Your child will be returning to school in person because you selected the hybrid model at registration. If you have changed your mind about in person learning and would prefer virtual only instruction, please contact the office at 575-812-5401 as soon as possible so your wishes can be honored.

Parking Lot Procedures

All traffic will enter from Fourteenth Street and go south on Alaska for drop-off and pick-up.
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Bus Procedures

The bus will pick up and drop off children in the bus loop on the North end of the playground. Students will be walked to and from the bus by school staff.


•All staff is on duty by 7:30

•Educational assistants & additional support staff will man entry points, kiosks and hallways

•Floor markers will support social distancing

•Teachers will monitor classrooms

•Breakfast will be served in classrooms 7:40-8:00

•Bus riders arriving early will wait, socially distanced, outside the building at the North end of the playground until 7:30, then will be walked to the classrooms.


  • Classes will exit one at a time.
  • Staff will be assigned to assist students in getting to each dismissal area; bus, vans

  • Teachers will wait with students on the playground in designated locations for parent pick up

Late Arrival/Early Pick-up

Parents will need to contact the front office to greet students that arrive late. There will be a doorbell to ring to alert the office of a guardian's presence. If you need to pick your child up early communicate with the office by phone 45 minutes in advance. This will allow staff to prepare for early release and enable staff to escort the student to you outside the building.
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Moving in the Building

•Students will stay with their class throughout the day

•Lunches will be served in the classroom or in an outdoor space (one class per area)

• As classes move to recess only one class may be in the hall at the same time.

•Restroom breaks will be scheduled by class in 15 minute blocks. Students will be allowed to use the restroom if needed outside of scheduled times.

•Recess will be scheduled by grade level & each class will have one section of the playground to use.

Pre-screening for Symptoms

Parents, please screen your children for symptoms prior to the school day. If they are sick, please keep them home. Attendance guidelines are flexible this year. Please look for the following symptoms and keep students home that display any of the following:

  1. Fever at or above 100 degrees

  2. Congestion or runny nose

  3. Cough

  4. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Nausea and vomiting

  7. Sore throat

  8. Headache, muscle pain or fatigue

  9. Chills

  10. New loss of taste or smell

  11. If you thy are in close contact with any symptomatic person within the last two weeks

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Nurse Visits

Parents will need to make appointments to turn in medication at the school. You can do that --y calling and asking for the nurse, 575-812-5404.

There will be two areas in our clinic, one for well children and one for sick or symptomatic children.

Sick Children:

  • If a child is symptomatic, the teacher must call the nurse, the nurse will come to the student, the student will not be sent to the nurse’s office.

  • Both the nurse and the student must have their masks on for all check-ups.

  • If a student has a temperature of 100 or more or symptoms such as those listed in the pre-screen section, the student will be sent home.

  • If a child verbalizes or shows signs of not feeling well, has injury, or other health concern, the teacher will contact the nurse. The nurse will either come to evaluate the student or will direct the teacher of where and when to send the student to the health office or isolation room.

  • It is important for families to have established contacts who are able to pick up students within 30 minutes during the school day.

  • Children that are determined to go home will stay in the sick area of the clinic until they are picked up.

  • Other major injuries or illnesses will be addressed by the nurse. (Examples: Illnesses that occur at school, injuries that occur at school, emergency response, immunization compliance, and communicable disease assessment)

  • Children that meet criteria to go home will stay in the isolation room until they are picked up.

Well Children:

  • Teachers will be provided with a bag of bandages, tooth carriers, etc. Students with minor scrapes, clothing issues, restroom visits, minor headaches lasting less than 20 minutes, minor stomach ache/nausea splinters, paper cuts, picked scabs, or loose/lost teeth will not go to the clinic.

  • Medication will be administered through the clinic.


With safety being our first priority, visitors are prohibited from entering the building this year due to COVID 19. Parents and others will not be able to eat lunch with students or volunteer in classrooms. Field trips and guest speakers are cancelled this year. All celebrations will be virtual.

When dropping off a student after 8:00, contact the front office at 575-812-5401.

Only the child will enter the building. To pick up a child, parents will need ID to show at the door for verification. Students will then be released to the parent. Please call ahead if/when you will need to pick up your child before dismissal.

Classroom Procedures

Students will be encouraged to maintain six foot distancing on the playground and classroom. The behaviors expected will be modeled and reinforced using social stories and visuals to promote healthy distancing. Any materials that are shared will be disinfected after use. All classroom teachers have reduced the amount of furniture, cloth items, and wall hangings. Instruction will continue to be standards-driven and engaging. Students will bring home their Chromebooks daily. Thank you for ensuring they bring them back fully charged each day they come to school.

School Supplies

Your child will be provided with a backpack to hold the basics to start the school year. The backpacks will be placed on chair backs in the classroom. Additional supplies will be requested by the teacher.
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Students will be able to use the recess equipment. Games and interactions will take place on the blacktop or other available areas outside. All games and activities at recess will be aligned to the current health orders. Each classroom will be assigned to different playground areas (rotating schedule) in accordance with the health orders.
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Students may bring in their own reusable water bottle. The school will provide one refillable bottle to each student. During lunch, water will be made accessible to students as has been practice in the past
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Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to the classrooms. As we develop our outdoor area opportunities to eat and learn outdoors will be made available.
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•Cohort A will receive live ELA/math instruction M/T

•Cohort B will receive live ELA/math instruction Th/F

•Students will receive instruction via pre-recorded lessons, Google classroom assignments and programs which may include Istation, MobyMax, RazKids, Lyrics2Learn, HeidiSongs, Storyworks, etc. during their three virtual days each week.

•Some students may receive intervention on Wednesdays and in the afternoon on their virtual days if possible via Google Meet.