Learn about Fractions,Decimals,Percents


Boom!!!! It appears I have died in my recent studies!!!!! I'm writing this from the other side called heaven. In my recent studies I have discovered fractions!!!! You can do many things with fractions like adding and subtracting and other math operations like that. Pay attention and I will show you how to write a fraction!!!! 3/4 is one of them I would tell them all but there happens to be billions of them!!!!


Hi I'm rich,and I bought lots of stuff,and made percents. Percents are like fractions you just take the numerator and that's the number the denominator and that's how many spaces there is.


Here are some ways to write Fractions,Decimals,Percents


Decimals are written like this 1.09. Decimals are like fractional pieces,the picture to our right.

Quiz (made by Porf.Grizwald).