Mindfulness Newsletter

November 2018--#mindfulAISD

Mindfulness Resources Featured in This Newsletter...

  • Mindfulness for Staff -- 50% Off All Classes at Meditation Bar for AISD Staff
  • Professional Learning -- HCP Update
  • For Families -- 30 Days of Gratitude from Calm
  • Equity -- Cultural Responsiveness Starts With Real Caring
  • Books of the Month -- 3 New Books
  • Technology -- New Mindful AISD Videos
  • Athletics -- 4 Exercises That Will Train Your Brain To Perform At Your Peak
  • SEL Newsletter & Blog -- Appreciation
  • Mindful Happenings in AISD -- Highlights

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Mindfulness For Staff -- 50% Off at Meditation Bar

I'm always stressing how important it is for adults to practice mindfulness if we're going to use it with students. This is a regular section that highlights opportunities to build your personal practice.

Meditation Bar is now offering 50% off all classes for AISD staff as an ongoing discount! Big time gratitude to Meditation Bar for their dedication to providing opportunities for self-care for Austin ISD.

Mindfulness Professional Learning through HCP

UPDATE: We're wrapping up our fall semester courses. See below for remaining courses. Add yourself to the waitlist if it's full and we'll try to fit you in. Spring semester courses will be finalized and shared soon.

“Mindfulness in Schools” HCP course (feel free to print & post this flyer on campus).

All will be held at the Blanton Museum of Art in classrooms above the cafeteria. These classes are open to ALL AISD staff. Thanks to a generous donation from a community member, teacher & librarian subs will be paid for by the SEL Department. That generous donation ensures that 17 subs can be covered for each session, so sign up soon to reserve your spot. More classes will be offered in the Spring too!

Mindfulness Series

Section #: 88384--November 29th, 8-11am, Mindfulness 301 (advanced)

**There are NO prerequisites for 201 & 301. Choose which level you think you should attend based on your knowledge and expertise with mindfulness. For 301, it's preferred that you have at least one full year of practicing mindfulness in your classroom.

Integrating Mindfulness

Section #: 88385--November 29th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness & The Arts

Mindfulness for Librarians

Section #: 88381--November 14th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness for Secondary Librarians

Mindfulness for Counselors

Section #: 88382--December 6th, 8-11am, Mindfulness for Elementary Counselors

Section #: 88383--December 6th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness for Secondary Counselors

Mindfulness for Families -- 30 Days of Gratitude

Calm has a 30 Days of Gratitude calendar on their blog. This could be used to share with families, or to even just pick a few to share with families. Unfortunately, it's only available in English, but please feel free to copy and translate on your own to share with families.

As a reminder, you can always find family resources on bit.ly/mindfulfams.

Mindfulness & Equity -- Cultural Responsiveness Starts With Real Caring

An article which highlights that culturally responsive teaching is really about building relationships and validating students. Having a mindfulness practice of our own helps with this concept. When we care for ourselves, it opens up more space to care for others.

Mindfulness Books of the Month

Mindful Technology -- New Mindful AISD Videos

I'm excited to share that we have new Mindful AISD videos! The new videos focus on different types of awareness...

They have all been uploaded to our Mindful AISD YouTube playlist. Future videos will feature students, so please let me know if you'd like to have your students participate.

Mindfulness & Athletics -- 4 Exercises for Peak Performance

An article that highlights 4 exercises that will train your brain to perform at your peak. Training our brains is just as important, if not more important, as training your body for athletics. These 4 tips would be helpful for coaches or to share with student-athletes. It mentions several professional athletes and their mental strength training techniques, including LeBron James (in photo).

SEL Newsletter & Blog -- Appreciation

Mindful Happenings in Austin ISD

Here are a few mindfulness highlights from across the district. Email me or tag your tweets with #mindfulAISD so I can highlight your work in future newsletters.

Mindful Art Class at Sunset Valley

Kindergarteners at Sunset Valley practice mindfulness in art class.
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Family Mindfulness Retreat

Families As Partners, Amala Foundation and SEL collaborated for a Family Mindfulness Retreat at Lanier ECHS. Kids & parents got to participate together & then separately to learn self-care, wellness & stress management techniques. The Retreat was just featured on AISD TV.
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Lanier PALS

Huge shout out to the Lanier PALS who helped out at the Family Mindfulness Retreat. They were very helpful chaperones for the kids during the mindfulness stations, and got to learn some mindfulness for themselves too.
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Peace Area w/ Student Voice at Barrington

Check out this sweet peace area at Barrington that was co-created by students.
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Mindfulness Room at Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan has opened their mindfulness room for students and staff to take time to breathe and be. There are still some mindfulness room starter kits available if you're school is ready and interested. Contact your SEL Specialist or myself, James Butler, if interested.
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Mindfulness at the Museum

It's been a treat to host mindfulness workshops at the Blanton Museum this semester. We'll have the workshops at the Blanton again next semester! I continue to be filled with gratitude for the generosity of a community member who donated money specifically to pay for teacher subs so y'all don't have to take personal time to attend.
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Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide

Those of you who are using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend Weeks 12-14 for November. As a friendly reminder, the book will be published by Free Spirit Publishing soon and I won't be able to give away free copies once that happens. AISD staff, sign up for a free electronic copy of the book while you can in the support form at the bottom of this newsletter.

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