Fabulous First Grade News

December 2 - December 6

What's Happening?

December 4 - Friends/Partners jeans day

December 11 - Colors for Caring jeans day

December 13 - Red Oak Elementary Winter Wonderland 7:00 PM at ROE Cafeteria

December 20 - Early Release

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What We Are Learning


Sight words - again, little, knew

Reading - We will make and correct or confirm predictions using text features

Phonics - pronouns


We will identify 3 dimensional solids, including spheres, cones, cylinders, rectangular prisms (including cubes), and triangular prisms, and describe their attributes using formal geometric language.


We will observe, compare, describe, and sort components of soil by size, texture, and color. We will identify how rocks, soil, and water are used to make products.

We will identify and describe a variety of natural sources of water, including streams, lakes, and oceans.