Miss Binzak's Classroom News

March 5-9

What We Are Learning


This week in reading we talked about needing to use our super reading powers in different ways. Now that we are working on more challenging books, our super powers have to change. We need EXTRA STRENGTH picture power, which makes us think harder about the pictures in the book. We also need to look carefully at the words to see if there are snap words in disguise. Sometimes our snap words have endings added on to try and disguise themselves, so we have to pick those out. We did a fantastic job trying these out all week!


We have been taking time this week to talk about All About writing. As a class, we came up with a list of topics that we know all about. Then we wrote down facts about our chosen topic, cows. Next, we had to organize our thoughts, which we did by making a web. The last couple days of the week were spent taking the ideas from our web and turning them into full sentences. Pretty soon, we will all have our very own book All About Cows!


In math we started talking about 3-dimensional shapes and how they are similar to and different from 2-dimensional shapes. We practiced sorting the 2D and 3D shapes using different attributes. We also used a 3D shape, a sphere, to help us with some addition story problems.


*Our next field trip will be on Tuesday, March 13th. We are going to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Please return the permission slip and a check for $6.75 ASAP if you haven't already.

*Reminder that conferences for those requested are on March 14th.

*Hoops Night is on Friday, March 23rd!

*Spring Break starts on Friday, March 30th. School resumes Monday, April 9th.


-- Please monitor the weather and send appropriate outerwear each day. Even if there isn't much snow, snow pants can help keep your children warm, so consider sending them in cold weather!

-- We have peanut, egg, shellfish, and gelatin allergies in our room this year. If you plan to send in treats for birthdays or other special occasions, please keep these in mind!!!

-- Remember to send a snack with your child every single day!

-- We have a classroom Twitter! Our handle is @MissBinzak_107. We post (almost) daily updates on what we are doing at school!

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***If you are on Twitter, please feel free to tweet at us! We love seeing pictures of what our friends did over the weekend or after school! We can put them up on the board for our classmates to see : )

A Note About Owl Sheets...

The "Owl-standing Behavior" sheets that you should be seeing in your child's take home folder each night should have the current day's owl colored either green, yellow, or red. This correlates to the behavior of the child that day. Green = good! Yellow = needed a few reminders. Red = needed a lot of reminders or major behavior.

Please keep the owl sheets in the take home folder throughout the week. Then over the weekend, an adult can sign the sheet at the bottom.

The student returns the SIGNED form on Monday. They will get a new sheet, and the process begins again.

***Please DO NOT sign the sheet until Friday after school, and use this as a conversation starter to ask how your child's day was.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!