Miss Binzak's Classroom News

February 4-8

What We Are Learning


This week in reading we spent a lot of time looking at pattern books. We decided that something has to occur in a book 3 times in order for it to be a pattern. After we learned what a pattern can look like in different books, we talked about how patterns can change. We also had the chance to extend the pattern in a book with some interactive writing.


In writing we have been working on How To books. We started the week practicing writing "How to Build a Snowman" and "How to Brush Your Teeth" together. Then we had a chance to write our own How To books. We made a list of topic ideas and then got to practice on our own. We talked about how important it is to have every step written down, otherwise the readers won't be able to follow it.


We have been talking about money this week! We learned two new workplaces called Which Coin Will Win? and Race You To 15 Cents. We are starting to learn the difference between a penny and a nickel. One tricky concept for many is that 5 pennies = 1 nickel, so we are constantly reviewing that. We also got to play a Money March game with partners!

Room 107 Snapshots


Ben Fest is (typically) the last Thursday of every month. Plan on your child wearing their BRIGHT orange Ben Fest shirts on these days!

***February Ben Fest will be MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11th!!!


Big picture

Congratulations to Room 107's VIP of the week, Wyatt! He chose Max to be his VIP crew.

Next week's VIP will be...KEERTHI!


*We have a NEW 100th day celebration date: Tuesday, February 12th!!! Please make sure to send in 100 pieces of a snack in the provided baggie by that date. Don't forget to dust off the sweater vests, suspenders, and pearls...everyone is encouraged to dress like they are 100 years old!

*Please send in a gallon milk/juice jug as soon as possible so that we can make our valentines holders!

***If your child is in need of valentines, please let me know. We have extras at school!

*You can send completed valentines in whenever you would like. I will hold onto them until we hand them out next Thursday.

*There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 18th. Be on the lookout next Friday for another Mission: Kindergarten packet for your child to work through on that Monday.

*We have started Junior Achievement in our room! Every Friday at 3:00 Miss Hannah is coming over from the high school to teach us about many different things, like making choices and being a part of a community.

*Our next BEN FEST is Monday, February 11th! Please make sure your child wears his/her bright orange Ben Fest shirt!

*Now that we have snow, it's VERY important that your child comes to school prepared. Please make sure you send boots, snow pants, waterproof gloves, hats, and winter jackets EVERY SINGLE DAY. ***There are MANY kindergarten students coming to school without hats and mittens/gloves. Please make sure your child ALWAYS has them!!!


-- Remember to send a snack with your child every single day!

-- Please monitor the weather and send appropriate outerwear each day.

-- We have nut and gelatin allergies in our room this year. If you plan to send in treats for birthdays or other special occasions, please keep these in mind!!!

-- We have a classroom Twitter! Our handle is @MissBinzak_107. We post (almost) daily updates on what we are doing at school!

***If you like the photos posted on this newsletter, MANY more, as well as some short videos, get posted to Twitter throughout the week. Sign up to see them all!!!

***If you are on Twitter, please feel free to tweet at us! We love seeing pictures of what our friends did over the weekend or after school! We can put them up on the board for our classmates to see : )

A Note About Owl Sheets...

The "Owl-standing Behavior" sheets that you should be seeing in your child's take home folder each night should have the current day's owl colored either green, yellow, or red. This correlates to the behavior of the child that day. Green = good! Yellow = needed a few reminders. Red = needed a lot of reminders or major behavior.

Please keep the owl sheets in the take home folder throughout the week. Then over the weekend, an adult can sign the sheet at the bottom.

The student returns the SIGNED form on Monday. They will get a new sheet, and the process begins again.

***Please DO NOT sign the sheet until Friday after school, and use this as a conversation starter to ask how your child's day was.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!