Welcome to RHE Kindergarten!

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A Note from Mrs. Frankhouser


This is the first of many communications that we will be sending throughout your child's year in kindergarten. Here are a few basics! You'll start getting emails from me in late summer with details about all things Rough Hollow Elementary. In the meantime, here is a little bit of information for you.

Please encourage anyone moving into the area to register ASAP. If you know of families with incoming Rattlers, please encourage them to register ASAP. We are planning for next year now and it is extremely helpful when we know who will be here!

Registration information can be found here. Please contact Joni McCoy at McCoyj@ltisdschools.org if you have any questions.

Parent Input RHE 2021-2022

As we create classes for next year, our goal is to place each child in a class in which he or she can be most successful while maintaining a balance among classes in terms of gender, academic ability, disciplinary and social needs, learning styles, and individual needs of the students. All information shared is confidential and submitted electronically to Rough Hollow Elementary administration.

We invite parents to be part of this process by asking for your input on this form. Please complete and submit this form as soon as possible.

Staffing and staff assignments for next year have not yet been finalized. We will not honor requests for a specific teacher. We will carefully review and consider your input while making classroom assignments.

School Supplies - Order by June 6th

2021-2022 Instructional Calendar (click picture below)

Getting to and from School

Getting to school

Getting Home

  • School is out at 3:00pm
  • All students will have a dismissal number that corresponds to a tag that parents have in your car. This is used any time you will be picking up your child throughout the year.
  • Students can ride the bus home. K-2 must be met at the stop by a designated adult.
  • Parents can park and pick up your child in the "walker" line.
  • Children can participate in Extended Care. Pick up is at the front door of the school.
  • Click here to see a map of afternoon pickup.

What is lunch like?

Feel lost? Don't worry.

We will walk you through every step of becoming an RHE Rattler. We will begin to disseminate and collect information from you before school starts. Until then, read books, play outside, and enjoy your family!